Heat resistant vs. Retardant

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So an interesting or potentially horrific thing happened to me last night as I was making my steak. Thankfully I wasn’t wearing the glove, but had it folded / doubled over as I lifted my cast iron pan. Has anyone ever seen an oven mitt melt like this???


You should get a lawyer to write to the New York Giants attornies and get yourselves a pay day. LOL.

What’s the outer layer made of?

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I don’t know off the top of my head, but I will check tonight and report back!


Yes, I have scorched oven mitts, they get stiff, sort of crisp.

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This wasn’t scorched so much as it didn’t come anywhere near direct flame. They just melted right off, not stiff nor crisp at all.

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This is pretty bad.


The average oven mitt is rated for 350-450f max. Cast iron can
exceed that range. There are mitts designed for higher temps. Stop buying that cheap chit :wink:

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The melted glove has been thrown out but this is the tag from its pair.


The Giants can’t stop anything!