Hearts and such

I guess CH was just ahead of its time after all.


I have to admit, when I heard this news I thought of CH (and HO) immediately.

I honestly don’t see that much difference between a heart or a thumbs up. We all know what it’s supposed to mean.


I don’t either but it sure caused a ^#*tstorm over there. Just a pre-curser though I guess.

Yeah, the uproar over the hearts was … interesting. Not something I can work up even a modicum of energy to be upset about.

Did you mean “shitstorm”??? :slight_smile:

Yeah. Forgot which busts I was on.

The point was predominantly, “Why do something that’s already been done?” Especially when it’s so simple to do something else that could be cooler and better.

In my own mind, I don’t get following when there’s a chance to lead. Homogenization should be a last resort. Think about the step that comes after your next one. VF puts part of these notions in a practical context: “Twitter is arguably playing catch-up to a Facebook “like” model—just as that much larger social-media network is reportedly getting ready to expand beyond the “like” into “dislikes” and more.”

While I think that’s a bit over the top, it does really help explain the kind of core user, and the level of commitment core users had there. It also may provide some insight into why CBSi felt it needed to expand its market if it was going to make money. Sadly, I’d have to conclude that only a very small segment of the population would look at the heart issue that way.

Why, sure. A fork or a spoon (or a… spatula) might be cuter in this context. But the gist remains the same.


Yeah, I’m not particularly fond of the concept in general. But, if you’re going to do something,. . .

Considering its use as a protest symbol on CH, I think the spatula idea is perfect.


I just don’t usually want to say “plus one,” “I agree” etc.

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I do understand their purpose, but I have some trepidations about their unconscious, long term effects


Approval reinforcement mechanisms across all these digital platforms begins to impact on what and how people express themselves. I question the healthiness of this on both the contributors and the dialogue. After all, many of the best ideas are not that popular when they are first articulated. Appeals to the majority are logically fallacious and minority opinions can be shouted down even when they are absolutely correct.

Sheesh. It’s only a little heart that says you like something!!!

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Sure, on one level. On another, it’s a ubiquitous mode of communication employed globally and like all such uses of symbols to convey thoughts it has the propensity to impact its users. I find it a curious subject to contemplate.

I suppose that ANYTHING can have an ‘impact’, but what are you suggesting the heart can do that’s worth our concern?

I think what MZ might be referring to is the aspect of group think and perhaps a bit of laziness, when instead of writing your own post… you just click the heart.

But maybe MZ can elaborate.