Heading for Savannah in February

Hi Ho’s! Now that we have moved to Florida we are going to start exploring the south a bit. First stop, Savannah. We need recommendations for good eats!!!

Little Duck Diner - one of our favorite places for a late breakfast or lunch. They can get really busy - we que up just before they open. Have always rented apartments when we visit so we tend to cook dinners at home - safer to have cocktails that way. Along the river, there are fantastic roof top bars that are great for mingling with people and watching the ships go by. Vic’s on the river is a good restaurant. Savannah is a wonderful city. Savannah College of Art & Design interweaves itself through the city in rehabilitated buildings - there is a very young, hip vibe. Highly recommend visiting the Savannah History Museum in the visitor’s center.

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Here’s my trip report from our visit last spring - we spent more of our trip in Charleston but did manage to visit Vic’s on the River for a very nice meal and Husk for a very mediocre one.

Also some recs I received while planning: Three days in Savannah GA/Charleston SC - restaurant recs?

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If The Grey is still around in Savannah, I’d recommend it—we had a great dinner there in ~2016. No other place we ate at really stood out for me.

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It is, but I’m trying to find a menu and can’t. Can you tell me more about it?

This and tour report were very helpful!

This was on my short list but I couldn’t get a reservation if I recall correctly.

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We had dinner there 4 nights ago & were not overly impressed. The menu has changed and is now totally a la carte & the same in both the bar area and the dining room. The room is really nice, but we didnt think that any of the dishes were particularly interesting or memorable. The menu write ups of each dish sounded better than what was on the plate. And, from what I’ve read of it’s history, some of the standout dishes are no longer being offered. Nothing bad, price a little high for what it is, and maybe others will think better of it, but I’m not sure whether this iteration of the menu will keep its reputation intact.

The menu I saw on line did nothing for me. It just left me wondering.

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We went to the Olde Pink House on that same ~2016 trip and I found it dreadful and a tourist trap. Food indifferent, service equally indifferent, and the fact that all of the people who took your order/spoke to you were white (and dressed in white) and all of the people who silently delivered/removed your food were black (and dressed in black) was very jarring and cringey.


Oh no!

The Grey just got a James Beard Outstanding Restaurant nomination, so forget about getting reservation this year.
Unforgettable Bakery and Cafe also got a nomination – for Bakery

Stop at Southern Soul in St Simons on the way up

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Not so anymore. Food was outstanding. Service was wonderful and there were plenty of black staff who were not silent and were treated with respect.


Glad to hear that!

We had already made reservations there when we stop in Savannah for a couple of days while driving back home from Florida. Glad to hear you liked it, as we did 5 or so years ago. thanks.

We had drinks and apps at The Pink House a few years ago 5-6 maybe, our first and only time there so far. We liked it well enough, it was bustling and cheerful, with a good ambience. Next time, want to go to the Grey.

The biscuits are amazing!!!

Make reservations way ahead. Personally, I can’t figure out the menu, but the place looks great

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