Hay is for Horses, Autumn is for Bakers (Oct-Dec 2015)

I don’t know about you, but the golden leaves and crisp air are an annual baking inspiration for me. We’re having a glorious Fall season here in NY so far, and I fished out a recipe for Swedish Cardamom Bread. It’s a yeasty loaf with cardamom seeds you crack and crush straight out of the pods… And a buttery cardamom/cinnamon filling. I’m currently waiting for the second rise to finish so I can put the final decorative touches (angled cuts and Swedish pearl sugar) to it. I’ll post a photo once it’s baked- assuming I can figure out how! Who’s got something sweet in the oven? What was the last thing you baked, or what are you planning to?

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So, I attached 3 photos, 2 of them correctly. As you can see, the bread came out reeeally long. I messed up the slits a bit, I think they look odd (no visual aid was given in the recipe). But, I must say, it’s fragrant, moist, buttery and flavorful. I followed the recipe to a T, as is my habit when trying something new. It does taste just like I remember, but next time I’d make extra filling… And practice my “cut and fan” technique! Too bad it’s dinnertime and not coffeetime. I know what’s for dessert! And breakfast tomorrow :smile:

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Seriously, are you kidding me, that looks amazing! Cardamom is my favorite flavor and I wish I saw it more. Is it possible to get a recipe?

Sure. Here’s a link to the recipe I used from Saveur. I would tweak it slightly next time, now that I’ve made it once. I would make 50% more filling and I would bake it on a flat sheet pan without sides. The recipe gives basic, but good, instructions for dealing with yeast dough. Good luck!

Pear frangipane crostata this weekend–my first, ever. It was fantastic!

And yesterday, almond horns. They came out so picture perfect and are so darned easy to make. I love almondy thinGs!


Beautiful. And your chocolate is so shiny!

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Nice. Is that apricot jam over the top? Thank you so much for sharing.

Thank you. It was still drying. I love cardamom bread, by the way, and am completely on board with MORE FILLING! :slight_smile:

Traditionally, it should be apricot jam, but I love peach jalapeno and already had some open, so I used that instead. Thank you! I look forward to sharing our fall baking here.

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Whoa, those are NICE. Which recipe did you use?

Thank you. This, adapted from the original from Love 'n Bake:

This weeks cookie of choice was DG’s Molasses cookies. These are really good and spicy. The recipe says not to use blackstrap molasses, but that’s what I have and that’s what I always use. I guess if you want a milder cookie you could use something else.

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One fail, an Irish soda bread that I just totally goofed on the liquid ingredients and came out like a brick, I will remake it later this week now that I know what I did wrong.

Dessert is crackly pear cake, and has been in my to bake pile for quite a while.
Here is the recipie and a picture before cutting. Looking forward to a piece during the game and after my Pepe’s pizza:)



I love the look of that pear cake, inside and out! I must have it. Thank you so much for sharing, and for including the link to that awesome blog and the recipe. Terrific.

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Your welcome, this is definitely a keeper! Just had a piece and it is really good, the topping is so unique for a cake, as someone in her post said I want to do this to all my cakes from now on!

I think DG’s books are among the best I’ve ever baked from, and these molasses cookies look like they jumped off one of the pages :slight_smile: I think one must really love intense molasses flavor to sub blackstrap! I did that once by mistake with a pumpkin pie recipe and no one would eat it… It was too strong even for me :frowning: But your cookies look perfect, despite the fact that she recommends not using it. I suppose they’re just less sweet? Thank you for sharing.

Inspired by discussion ‘elsewhere’ i made a version of the “Roman Apple Cake” from older Joy Of Cooking. Love it for the low tek simple ingredients def not fancy but also a keeper surprised it was edited out.

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[quote=“Vvvindaloo, post:18, topic:1054”]
But your cookies look perfect, despite the fact that she recommends not using it. I suppose they’re just less sweet? Thank you for sharing.
[/quote] I’m nor sure on the sweetness level. I guess I’ll have to make a batch with some regular molasses and compare. They are nice and spicy but not too much, at least for us. I’ll confess to being able to tolerate a bit of the blakcstrap molasses straight from my finger when scraping it out of a measuring cup.

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