Have Yourself a Merry Dim Sum Christmas



If you had trouble viewing, try again. I didn’t have public sharing turned on.

Love, love, love this! Thanks so much for posting it!

Sorry - but not loving the Santa hat on my avatar…Maybe make it a choice?

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Seconded. If we have to “dress up,” let’s at least do it in a way that doesn’t assume everyone celebrates Christmas.

Exactly - what I should have said!

Ok, the Santa hat has been replaced by…well, your guess is as good as mine. Candle? upside-down cloverleaf? erect penis with four testicles? I’m stumped! But at least it’s non-sectarian.


It’s a Christmas tree that’s been denuded of all its branches…

Oh. Why?

Thanks for sharing. Cool video! Merry Christmas

Sorry, but that’s almost as annoying.

Funny video!! Merry Dim Sum Christmas to you and yours, and to all those who don’t celebrate Christmas a happy and healthy Holiday season to us all.

Personally, I’m choosing to view that as a stick that has been removed from my dariare to remind me to stop being so uptight in life and try to see the humor and good that surrounds us. As I said once again, A Happy, Merry, Healthy and Blessed season to us all !!!

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Whatever the fun, I thought it bLocked the picture each member uses to id themselves. Carry on.

That was amazing and now I am hungry! Merry Dim Sum to ALL!

Sidebar: Is that West Lake in NJ??

How did you open the video? I tried 3x and couldnt view it.

Holy Cow I think you’re right Gracie!!! I didn’t notice till you posted this, I wonder why they didn’t give themselves a mention in the video!! Good eye kiddo!!

@Rooster I just clicked the link and it worked. It did get hung up the first few times I tried.

Loaded on the 3rd try for me but it could be my POS phone lol

Takes a bow Thank you, thank you!

Obviously, the only logical next step here is to go back to West Lake for Dim Sum.

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You have a Point Of Sale phone? Cool!!!
(honestly POS and CIA for Culinary Institute of America are two abbreviations I always forget their alternate meeting. I’ll read a whole article about a Chef who honed his skils at the CIA and be like, wow a guy becomes a spy and learns of his passion for cooking, how cool is that!?!?!?!)

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I wanted to go last night but we were going to Monmouth Mall and didn’t want to take the drive so we wound up a Mizu 36, which for an AYCE is a pretty decent place and does have some Ho’down potential.