Have Yourself a Merry Dim Sum Christmas


Never been but good to know of an option down there. The idea of going to the mall makes my skin itch. Especially right before Christmas! You are brave!

(Junior) #22

Funny story, my daughter (22) wanted to go and asked me to join her so I did. Once there I had no interest in walking the mall so I sat on a mall couch to establish a “home base”. After about 10 mins I looked around at all the “old men” sitting around me and had the stark realization I’m entering a different phase in my life. lol


Mizu isn’t at the mall. It is about a half mile away.


This is why God invented amazon :slight_smile:


Cool. Thanks!


HA! That’s great. What a nice Dad! And yes, you can usually spot the husbands/fathers with all the bags at the mall.