Has Trader Joe's finally jumped the Shark?

The October Flyer has arrived much to my dismay.

Apparently almost everything in the store is now pumpkin spiced, pumpkin flavoured, or just plain ole pumpkin.


A couple of the pumpkin “highlights” (I $hi+ you not…) :

Pumpkin spiced pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin tortilla chips

Pumpkin O’s (like Cheerios but, gag, pumpkin)

Pumpkin spice coffee

Squash Mac n Cheese

Pumpkin Pop tarts

Pumpkin Waffles

Pumpkin spice caramel corn

Pumpkin ice cream

Belgian chocolate pumpkins

Pumpkin soup crackers

Pumpkin scones

Pumpkin spice almond milk

Pumpkin bisque

Greek pumpkin yogurt

Pumpkin biscotti

Pumpkin instant oatmeal

All kinds of pumpkin baking mixes…

And, ta da
Actual Pumpkins (fall fantasy, whatever the fok that is)

Barf, barf, barf I say!


Pumpkin poop in a pamper!

Guess where I won’t be shopping this month.

Ok rant over.

I’m going to go oil up a big pumpkin, put on a Barry White album, light a pumpkin spiced candle and make love not war.

After, I might have a pumpkin spiced herbal cigarette in my pumpkin spiced bath oil bath after scrubbing thoroughly with my exfoliant pumpkin soap on a rope.


It’s pretty typical this time of year, often this stuff doesn’t even have pumpkin just some cinnamon.

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It’s an annual event that always causes much mirth and some consternation.

This too shall pass…



If I’ve said it once I’ve said it 1000x’s, I do not understand the loyal following Trader Joe’s has. (mind you my only experience is my non-alcohol TJ’s and from what I’m told mine is a smaller store)

Anywho…yes I concur that is pumpkin madness.


The only good use of punkins…

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I’m sure they’ll miss you terribly. :roll_eyes:


Doubt it. I don’t shop in yoga pants.

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Pumpkin spice CAN mean pumpkin is an ingredient, but it also references just the spice combo commonly used in pumpkin pie,

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Right which is what I take issue with and many things are not called “pumpkin spice” all the time but just “pumpkin” this time of year and don’t include pumpkin. No pumpkin? Call it pumpkin spice.

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Am I the only one that can still see the URL behind my gif???

((FYI the Ocean State Job Lot across from Butch’s car wash has excellent biscotti year round and it’s very good, one of my fav’s. ))

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Actually, a lot of items at Trader Joe’s, even if labeled “pumpkin spice”, do contain pumpkin as an ingredient. Coincidentally, I just posted my biggest gripe about TJ’s pumpkin offerings on Chowhound a few minutes ago and then came here and saw this thread. I’ll copy and paste it:

NAY - Pumpkin everything. I love pumpkin, but the use of “pumpkin
spice” is getting out of hand. After one or two bites, I can’t taste
the pumpkin anymore, just the spice. Whether it’s the Pumpkin Cranberry
crisps, Pumpkin Cheesecake, or even my beloved Pumpkin Spice Granola
Bark, pumpkin plays second fiddle to pumpkin spice. I think it should
be the other way around.

@NotJrvedivici, it took me years before I understood Trader Joe’s. Now I am probably their #1 fan. I only buy less than 5% of their offerings, but most of those things I absolutely love because of either the quality, price, and/or availability. To get to that point, however, you must have no shame when it comes to taking advantage of their liberal return policy. (I once returned a single apple.) Also, they have consistent offerings in the sense that when I go to TJ’s in North Carolina, I can get 90% of the exact same items I have here in Baltimore. That doesn’t hold true for Costco, Whole Foods, or even ALDI’s.


You can’t give me a tidbit of information like that and not expect me to ask why you returned one single apple!?!?!?!


This isn’t an issue that keeps me out of the store and isn’t unique to them. Not a pumpkin/pumpkin spice fanatic but I overlook it and go there weekly. I was just letting out a general fall pumpkin product rant. I couldn’t care less at the end of the day what they call things.

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Traders sometimes sell produce as single items rather than by weight. For example 69¢ a pepper.

Nope I see your url just fine, it’s the gif that keeps on giffing.

Not only that, but really good prices on propane, $ 18 a refill. I was just there this morning cause my tank kicked.

I have some therapy for you.

First you need some punkin bath oil, some punkin scented candles, and a punkin.

Now repeat after me in a deep voice, “You’ll never find… Another love like mine…”

I'm done


Btw in the negative column I also found this at Ocean State Job Lot this morning:

I am enjoying the vanilla pumpkin scented candle