Has anyone tried Heinz mayo?

(Gwenn) #1

If so, how is it?

(Chris D) #2

Heinz making mayo, Hellman’s making catsup…the worlds gone mad!

Haven’t tried the Heinz mayo but my local grocery store was giving away bottles of Hellman’s catsup a few months back, seems a bit too sweet to me but will probably work well as a base for barbecue sauce. May grab some of the Heinz mayo soon just to see how it compares.


I saw a huge display of the new hellman’s ketchup and the labels proudly proclaimed they were sweetened with honey. It was on crazy cheap sale but i walked by, I’m open minded but picky about my condiments. Heinz original (not organic) is my most favorite for ketchup although I don’t hate Hunt’s.

(Gwenn) #4

Yes, it was mine too but I started noticing that it does not taste the same anymore. Someone suggested I try Simply Heinz , while it is better, the best is the “new” vintage Heinz. Comes in the original style bottle and it is delicious. But not cheap.

(Ailsa Konzelman) #5

I’ve tried the Mayo. It was nothing mind blowing but I’d buy it again.

(Ailsa Konzelman) #6

OK- I’ve changed my mind. I tried it again, since this post and think it has a richer taste than Hellman’s. So, I would say that it is a better option than what I have available in my market.


I haven’t seen those vintage heinz bottles here but i have seen the simply heinz, i’ll try that when my current bottle runs out.
Not sure i noticed a diffuin taste but then again i seem to go through ketchup phases where i use it almost daily and then go weeks not using it

(Gwenn) #8

If I have tater tots or fries is when I noticed the ketchup was off. On a burger it didn’t seem to matter. I love ketchup and have been known to sneak my steak into it if I have fries on the plate!


Oh, all potato situations need ketchup!! I can’t deal with turning on my oven til maybe september so I don’t seem to be having them much at home. I was very into baked sweet potatoes for a while in the winter, and I actually love those with ketchup too :))

(Gwenn) #10

I finally tried it. I find it to be richer, tangier and creamier. It mixed easily with ketchup for Russian dressing.