Heinz Vintage Ketchup

(Gwenn) #1

Found this at the market yesterday. It tastes like tomato. It comes in a glass bottle. If they can do this, why don’t they do it on their “regular” ketchup?IMG_1234


Was it more expensive?

(Gwenn) #3

Yes, and that is likely,the answer


I guess they also face competition from brands like Sir Kensington, which also tastes like tomatoes.

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #5

By now, most people want ketchup to taste like ketchup, not tomatoes, alas.

(Denise) #6

Now I have to look for Heinz Vintage at the grocery store. Thank you, @winecountrygirl!

Here’s an interesting read I just saw about the history of ketchup as an iconic industrialized American flavor. My uncle used to say that he liked to “put ketchup on his ketchup,” and I imagine he had lots of company in that.