Harbord Street in [Toronto]

Parquet is in the old Flock space. I realize food costs have gone up. I’m not quite ready to pay these prices for bistro food in Toronto. For comparison at an indie Annex bistro northwest of Harbord St , Maison T has kept its mains in the $26-$33 range.

Rasa’s mains are currently $21-$42



Bicyclette is new, further west. It looks similar to Le Conciliabule.

I will try some things at Bicyclette soon.

I still haven’t had an opportunity to visit Dreyfus.

I’ve been an Emmer fan girl. https://www.hungryonion.org/search?context=topic&context_id=33331&q=Emmer&skip_context=true


Harbord was a haunt for me decades ago when I lived on Major. Aside from recent visits to Emmer, we haven’t been to anything else in the last few years. We did like Piano Piano pre-pandemic - the bitter greens pizza particularly. We liked Flock for the chicken sandwich and the salads. We also still like Harbord Bakery for challah, rye, and their particular version of bagels.

Has anyone tried Pizza Gigi recently? That was one of the go-tos for Sicilian slices as a student (along with Cora and Papa Ceo).

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I’ve never been to Gigi. Maybe I will try a slice this spring.

Cora’s has gone downhill. It was my favourite pizza in 1999.

I’ve had a good mushroom pizza and a good pasta from Piano Piano, as take-out in the past year, as well as a decent rooftop patio brunch at Harbord House during the early fall.

I didn’t love my last visit to Rasa around the fall of 2021. I used to love their brunch 7 years ago, and I’ve probably visited 10 times since they opened.

I found brunch at Her Father’s Cider Bar okay in 2019. The menu doesn’t interest me too much so I haven’t been back.

My last visit to Flock was in 2020, I think, and I haven’t tried the location further west (379 Harbord) yet. https://www.eatflock.com/locations

I mostly buy Challah at Harbord St Bakery. Their prepared savoury food is pretty good, too. I have liked the schnitzel and salads.

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