Harbor Freight Tumbler

Maybe not completely a cookware item, but if you’re in the market for one of the “super” tumblers (Yeti, Rtic) don’t dismiss the Harbor Freight 20 oz model. Out performs my buddy’s $20+ Yeti in keeping contents cold and hot at a fraction of the price, $7 or cheaper if you wait for a sale

Harbor Freight is carrying these? Last thing I purchased there was a chain saw. lol

Last time I went to harbor freight in brick I bought a car jack and got a fucking traffic camera ticket for running a red light. Lol. I hate that town. I don’t go anywhere in brick nowadays.

I actually just got an rtic one and gave it to my friend. She loves it. I got it for free from a vendor. 7 bucks seems like a good deal for the harbor version

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I bought ours at Wal-Mart. The 30 oz is 9.99, and the 20 oz that I prefer was 7.99. Handles and lids were a few dollars more (for a lid that closes to keep it spillproof) on Amazon.

Also picked up a dandy stemless wine glass for just 5 that just happens to be the exact size of a cocktail at the local tiki bar. No watery drinks for me!

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You found a 30oz Yeti for 9.99?! Wow. Any hassles from you tiki bar when you pour into your own container?

Hi, Biscy – it wasn’t the Yeti brand - it was WalMart’s Ozark Trail brand. I did some research and found loads of articles and videos showing that the performance was basically the same for Yeti, Rtic, and Ozark Trail, so I opted to go for the cheaper version (so I’m that much less upset when I leave one somewhere…)

The bar is happy to let us pour into our own containers – there’s a large group of us that are regulars, and they fully realize that if we’re allowed to use glasses that keep drinks cold, unwatered down, and don’t condensate all over everything, that we tend to stay longer! :smile:

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