Happy St George's Day!

Happy St George’s Day ! I’ll make an English fish dish tonight to celebrate.

Happy Name Day to all the Georges and Georgias, as well.



The date had passed me by This Englishman (and Briton & European) will be dining on pasta & meat sauce - the entirely inauthentic British version of spaghetti bolognaise (or spag bol, as most of us know it).


The typical Bolognese in Canada is completely inauthentic, too.

I’ve never ordered or made the real deal.

Me neither.

Please post whatever you decide on by way of the fish dinner. By the by, it was only last night that we watched a Jamie Oliver cookery programme from 2011, entirely about cooking with sustainable fish. For example, suggesting using pollock instead of cod/haddock. This was that dish - https://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/fish-recipes/coley-korma-with-fluffy-rice/

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Why is St. George celebrated?
Are snakes involved?
He doesn’t get the publicity that St. Patrick gets here in America.
Maybe he needs more influencers in his corner.

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In Barcelona, we celebrate San Jordi (Saint George) Day on the 23rd of every April, a Cataluna National Holiday.

Dessert: Rocambolesc, By: Jordi Roca, Girona

We celebrate it similar to Saint Valentine´s but different; a rose and a book are the key gifts exchanged and a special rose pastry filled with chocolate.


Roses not blooming here yet.

Dinner is something with chicken.

England’s patron saint. As St Patrick is for Ireland (and St David and St Andrew for Wales & Scotland). That said, I wouldnt say that St George’s day is “celebrated” here. As I said upthread, I had no idea that it was today and I’d bet the majority of English people might be the same (although possibly it means something to those who have religious faith )

The secular connection is that St George’s cross - a red cross on a white background is England’s flag - and represents the red and white bits on the Union flag.


No, but you can always obtain one from a florist.

That pastry looks phenomenal. Keep the live rose and give me the pastry. (In a sense, it will last longer than the real rose unless I choose to work it off :wink:


This tart is truly a masterpiece of bespoken art !

However, the rose and book are part of this day and it is quite a wonderful holiday.

Have a nice evening.


Roses are always available in all florists !

The chicken comment: We never eat poultry or hunted feathered game ! We had lunch out and enjoyed our holiday.

However, enjoy your lunch or dinner … It is 22.20 here, and I have no idea where you are located.

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I decided to make a prawn and scallop curry instead. Loosely based on this, with coconut milk added

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