Happy Hours and Specials in NJ

Tried something new yesterday and went to Patrick’s Grille on Sylvania Ave in Neptune City, the old Brennen’s steakhouse

Happy hour from 3-6. Got there at 5:04, parking lot packed, not a seat to be had at the bar.

People left and we grabbed the seats.

$5 poured sprits, fine print states extra charges for stemmed glassware, so my wife’s Tito’s martini was $6.
I had Tito’s and soda in a pint glass, $5 bucks.

HH food consists of a wedge salad, boneless chicken strips (very thin and crunchy, with various sauces), perogies, and a few other items. All HH food is $6.

As far as beer $3 select drafts and bottles $4 import bottles and spiked seltzer.

A few shots were available for $5, including fireball and jagermeister.

I didn’t get a picture of the actually HH menu


Why would there be an upcharge for stemware ?


No idea but it’s printed on the happy hour menu. Maybe the drink served in that requires a little more than just pouring vodka and soda into a glass

So… Would you go back?

To drink at happy hour.
All I could eat food wise was the wedge.

Wednesday night starting at 5 is prime rib night.

My wife loved the chicken strips since they were so crunchy, so yes we would go back

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I’m not a drinker, so a bit confused about the upcharge for stemmed glassware. Is it that if you order a martini and don’t specify, it comes in a stemmed glass, but you can ask for it in a non-stemmed glass for the lower price? And if you ordered a Coke in a stemmed glass it would cost more? Or is it that drinks that traditionally come in a stemmed glass are just more expensive?

I don’t know the details

Martini glass holds more booze is all i can come up with :man_shrugging:

Sounds like a great HH menu!!

Interesting, I will have to remember to give it a try. I hated Brennans for two primary reasons:
1.) They sucked. lol
2.) They were my direct competition for years.

Two reasons for the upcharge. They probably have a larger pour for a martini -0r - breakage. Since they are selling for $5. and martini glasses are the highest breakage of all glasses, it might be to help offset the loss.


Just saw this, from Deal Lake Bar + Co:


That makes sense, thanks for your input

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Starting to see more of these… 'tis the season, I guess. For those you wondering, The Break is owned by the Deal Lake Bar + Co group and the restaurant is on the boardwalk in AP.


Rumor has it that Al Ponte in Neptune has closed.

We are not in town to verify but some people are saying it has closed for good, other saying they are temporarily closed.

Yes – lots of chatter about that on NextDoor a couple of weeks ago. Evidently their phone number is no longer in service, which pretty much seals the deal as far as I’m concerned.

Just realized that I haven’t reported on the HH that I went to at Mr. C’s in Allenhurst a few weeks ago. A good friend was having a milestone birthday and said he just wanted to have a dirty martini and look at the ocean, so that’s where we went. On the way over I told him to expect an older crowd and mediocre food and said we could have a drink and go eat somewhere else if we wanted to. Except for the odd looks when we got when we walked in (none of the three of us look our ages), we had a great time at the bar. Seasoned bartenders who made fantastic drinks + a completely mediocre charcuterie board and “margarita pizza.” But we’ll definitely go back for drinks!


Yeah, my wife mentioned talk on next door and I called the number today.
Sad but not surprising, it was always pretty empty when we went.

Beth said everytime we went that it could be our last.