Happy Hours and Specials in NJ

I could swear that pre-pandemic we had a thread going on this topic, but I’ve tried the search function multiple ways and didn’t find one (mods, feel free to let me know if you see it), so I thought I’d (re?) start one, as I’m starting to see more of them again. Please chime in with specials deals (e.g., every Wed you get a free puppy with the purchase of a liverwurst sandwich).

I suspect that as we hit local summer (can’t come soon enough) that we’ll start to see a lot more of these. Here are the ones I’m currently aware of:

-Capitoline in AP has 2 sandwiches and a bottle of wine for $20 all day Tuesday. Friends reported that the eggplant sandwich was excellent.

-CJ McLoone’s Pub in Shrewsbury has a sign out front: Buy a Burger, get one for $5 if you dine-in (I didn’t catch if it was all the time, so check first) and HH Mon-Fri 3:30 - 6:30 and all day Sunday at the bar in the Pub Area

-Deal Lake Bar + Co in Loch Arbor has HH on Tuesdays 3pm - close (at the bar only)

Note to restaurants: if you only advertise these via signs on your place, you’re missing out. IF ONLY they’d keep websites updated or post about them more on social media. /rant


Moore’s Tavern in Freehold has their BOGO burgers on Tuesday. I miss the days of 3-7 or 4-7 happy hours all week.


Their Happy Hour is 2-6 Monday through Friday and 12-5 Saturday and Sunday.

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I’d like to inquire about the free puppy special! :slight_smile:

On topic, I saw something on IG about Reyla’s doing a $10 bottle of wine special on Wednesdays with a food purchase.


Yes! Just realized I saw that too, so I looked it up:
Reyla (AP): $10 BOTTLES OF WINE EVERY WEDNESDAY :wine_glass: Open 4-9PM

And I was out in downtown AP last night (rare) and saw that Homesick (the new restaurant that replaced Brickwall on Cookman Ave) has HH Mon-Fri from 4-7 and all day on Thursdays - $2 wine spritzers, $3 martinis (@gcaggiano) and $4 Carton Smith Sauce (whatever that is)


My neighbor was just telling me about the HH at Homesick.

They also mentioned $1 perogies


I would like to know more about $1 perogies. :laughing:


My favorite Happy Hour around is Piancone’s in Long Branch. 7 days a week and a large food menu. Only available at the bar.
And, they treat vegetables with respect. Always a ripe tomato there.


Funny what is happening with prices. While I am seeing some return to normal, it seems that the cheaper meals are creeping up in price close to the mid-price meals, and the mid-price meals are creeping up in price close to the higher end meals.
Slice of Pizza in AH with toppings…$4.50
Wawa Beef Quesadilla with added Bacon…$7.25
Large Cheese Pizza Long Branch…$17.00
Eat a lot at home these days so appreciate this thread, thanks.

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Large Italian sub nearly $18 with tax at Jersey Mike’s (so I heard-- I don’t do cold cuts usually).

Costco has gift cards for Moore’s that are also good for Escondido, the Mexican restaurant next door. I was thinking about getting one to try either of these places but usually prefer to hit downtown when I go to Freehold. Sounds like you’re a fan. Have you also tried Escondido?

I haven’t been out much since Covid, but if there’s one thing that’s glaringly obvious, Covid killed happy hours and buffets in NJ.

Glad to see the new thread though, as I’m sure there are no old deals still in rotation. I’ll report if I see anything good.


I’m being lazy, but Salt Creek Grille used to have half priced martinis on Thursdays ($14 became $7), choice of Ketel One or Tanqueray, plus all specialty martinis included. This was quite convenient since Justin and I usually were/are off Thursdays. :laughing:

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I was just reminded that Mr. C’s in Allenhurst has HH in the fall… really can’t beat the view from there!

Last night I discovered by accident that Reyla has all night happy hour on Wednesdays. I HIGHLY recommend it. It had been far too long since I had eaten there and the food is as good as ever. We chose to sit at the bar and favorite part of the night was telling the bartender “another round of lamb sliders for me and my friends!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (said sliders were $5 each)


Figured I would add Houlihan’s Happy Hour to this thread. The Holmdel location is less than a mile away but have not been here since I was a kid. That will definitely change. They made a great Bombay Sapphire Martini (Justin had a Chocolate one) and we got an order of their “Famous Shrooms” appetizer which were hilariously gigantic and really good. Happy Hour is 4-7 but also 9-close, which benefits us since we are always out later rather than earlier. All food prices were $10 and under, including a burger which is pretty good.

The menu said martinis were $7. Mine was rung up as $10, but his was $4. Maybe Bombay Sapphire wasn’t covered so the bartender did us a solid? I don’t know. Quality olives too, which is hard to find at chains. Pics below. One of the Shrooms was after we had already devoured two, and yes @CurlzNJ it came with a nice horseradish aioli.


I’ve always been a big fan of Hoolihan’s for mid-range restaurant fare. It shows you how fickle the public can be, I have no idea what happened to the brand, but they have closed most NJ locations.


Them and Ruby Tuesday (another one I haven’t been to in ages).

My first impression of the bar area was, “Wow, its actually really nice in here”. All high-top chairs were cushioned. It was just a nice atmosphere.


I’ve had plenty of meals at Houlihan’s over the years and never had a complaint. They actually use to make a decent Prime Rib Thurs. - Sat too!