Happy Hour Morganville [NJ]

I am new to this site.
So pardon me if I am not aware.
I am looking for Happy Hour options in the Monmouth County area.
Required are extensive food options more so than creative cocktails as my drink of choice currently is beer.
Thanks in advance :sunglasses:

Ragtops7 / Steve, Welcome to Hungry Onion!! I thought we had a thread on some of the best Happy Hours but I couldn’t find it. If you do search the NJ Board for “Happy Hour” You will see a whole bunch of threads (a lot of Monmouth County) where Happy Hours are discussed, but no clear list. I personally think @joonjoon or @corvette_johnny or possibly @gcaggiano are the best resident Happy Hour specialists so I tagged them here for you.

Since you mentioned Morganville in your title, here was a recent thread about good lunch places in the area, although not Happy Hour specific.

Good luck with your search, I hope we are able to offer you some good suggestions.

My personal recommendation will be The Pour House in Tinton Falls for excellent bar food specials. They have a decent Happy Hour Menu, and a special bonus they do a late night Happy Hour as well, which includes half priced burgers which are outstanding.

Welcome again!! (mind me asking where or how you found us?)

Here is a “Welcome” thread for new members if you want to share a bit more about yourself. (no obligations)

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Thanks I appreciate your help

Gee, I don’t know why @NotJrvedivici tagged me in this. He must think I like to drink. :smiley:

The Globe in Red Bank has a Happy Hour pretty much all day, from when they open at 11 am until 6 PM. You can get most beers for around $3 (and some under) and $1 off ANY other drink/cocktail ordered. Their special prices do not apply to food, but their eats are pretty cheap anyway.


Globe also has great burger in house

Yes, the Globe Burger is outstanding with the cheese sauce. They also have excellent bacon cheeseburger sliders as an appetizer.

I found this group through a tweet that caught my eye.
I thought I filled out a profile when I joined this group.
I will answer any questions you or any one else has as long as it’s not my ex wife :+1:


have only been once and it was over year ago, but Red Rocks in Red Bank was fun. Gets packed though, whereas Globe would prob be less crowded and much more “relaxed” atmosphere. However, RR has pretty varied menu and at least when I went food was good; not outstanding but good for bar and much better than someplace like the Dublin House. If weather is nice at all they have huge outdoor space if you get there early. and it’s like right across street from Globe if one isn’t to your liking or vice versa.
Pour House would be great choice- lots of parking, in my opinion best Burger in the area and good price rib, cheesesteaks. just get there early- gets PACKED.
If you like Long Island iced tea, burgers, seafood, fried zucchini, or water views there’s also Barnacle Bills in Rumson. Again, get there EARLY as it gets packed. Somewhat varied menu.

Not a big fan of Red Bank, over the summer I stopped into River Rocks and didn’t find much to my liking.
A friends band was playing Dublin House that night.
Always liked the nachos supreme in Dublin House , with a Guinness might not be the norm for most but for me it’s spot on.
I agree Pour House has one of the best burgers around.
618 in Freehold seems to be one of the best Happy Hours around and I like Rooneys in Long Branch. Colts Neck Still House serves no food but the spirits are ok and on weekends they feature food trucks.
Food trucks are not my cup of tea.
I like Happy Hours because the crowd tends to be friendlier and if the chef wants to try something different then they tend to showcase at a Happy Hour.
Maybe it’s time to search for a good Tapas joint. Ideas?


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Welcome to HO, @Ragtopssk! Albariño in Shrewsbury gets high marks from some of the people here and iirc they do tapas… I wonder if they have a happy hour?

ETA i’m not your ex-wife. Promise. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I like this suggestion. I had this delicious burrata appetizer last time I was in.

They do have a happy hour: http://www.albarinorestaurant.com/menus/

Thanks I have them on my radar :+1:t2:
I knew you were not my ex because you have a coherent thought process :sunglasses:

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I’m biased towards the wings at B2 in Red Bank. They aren’t deep fried/battered style but more smokey with a nice sauce. They do all day happy hour on Sundays.

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Thanks all day Happy Hour is excellent :+1:t2:

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