Recommendation for lunch south of Matawan please


Hi All,

I’m going to have lunch with a friend who just lost her husband. I’m in Manasquan, and am going to meet her somewhere near her house in Matawan. I would prefer to not drive any farther north than that.

We’re going to meet for lunch, and probably linger a bit. I don’t know if she’s an adventurous eater, so I’m thinking something that would ok for the average person.

Thanks for your help!


The only place on my radar IN Matawan is Black Fig Kitchen and Bar, which is Greek food. I’ve never been…maybe someone else here can chime in.

Is she willing to drive a little to meet you more in the middle? If so, maybe we’ll have additional ideas… Like Apple Street Kitchen in Tinton Falls, or The Buttered Biscuit in Bradley.


Yes, she’s willing to drive. I just don’t want to go farther than Matawan. Somewhere in the middle would be great too!


Black Fig is undergoing renovations after a water pipe burst evidently.

(Roz Rappaport) #5

You can’t go wrong with Italian, so my recommendation would be SamVera, in Marlboro.


OOOOF! Glad someone knew about that… TY!


I wasn’t a fan of Black Fig the few times we went. I would go again for a cocktail maybe but the food always fell flat to me. Looks like they aren’t open anyway…


I hope someone else can chime in if they have been here, but friends recommended this place in Colts Neck:

It would be easy for you if you are coming on rt 34 and for her only 10-15 min from Matawan.


Good to know… thanks! I’m always wishing for a good Greek restaurant, I guess.

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Those are NOT friends if they recommended Huddy’s. There is NOTHING redeeming about Huddy’s it is exclusively for Colts Neck natives to sit and gather. That is IT. If it weren’t one of the only games in a wealthy town they would NEVER survive outside that immediate element.

(same with the Colts Neck Inn)

With regard to lunch in the immediate Matawan Area the Mediterranean Chateau - is not offensive if you like Portuguese food. (it’s also conducive to sitting and chatting) The same goes for the Brass Rail, not offensive they have a decent $5. menu and more burgers and sandwiches. Also conducive for sitting and chatting. I was also a big fan of Kiki’s for thai type food, they have moved and I have not been to their new location.

La Cashina on 34 is “ok” for dated Italian food. (byob and quite)

A little bit west of Matawan in Old Bridge there is Ponte Vechio (probably the best in the area) byob and good for conversations with great food etc.

(David) #11

If you want Italian in Matawan, I would eat at Denino’s. I love their margarita pizza and they are a solid red sauce joint. Normally I would eat across the street at Westlake or Shanghai Bun, but you mentioned Italian.


LOL!!! They are FAR from foodies! Glad you chimed in!


+1 for Denino’s! Love that sesame crust pizza!


Deninos - Margharita Pizza with there Cesar salad… thats a nice lunch

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Let me check my Matawan guide…

Sahara 34

Brass Rail Bar and Grill

Esposito’s Pizza and Pasta

Denino’s Pizza Place

La Madona

Shanghai Bun

West Lake


Thanks for all the recommendations, everyone. I’ll let you know where we decide to go!

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #17

Also Royal Curry, El Rinconcito de Mama, Siam Smile.

Not Ganga–too noisy for chatting.


Thanks for all the recommendations. We ended up at the Brass Rail. We arrived on Saturday at 1:30 pm. The bar had a few patrons, and nobody sitting in the dining room. Despite the lack of patrons, the host was busy on his cell phone at the bar, and it literally took him 5 minutes to acknowledge us standing there waiting to be seated!

Despite that annoying start, the service and food was fine. We were there to talk and not be rushed. It fit the bill perfectly. Thanks notJR!

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Awwwww you are welcome!! Someone actually listens to me!! I’m glad you enjoyed, when I had an office on 79 I used to there fairly regularly for lunch and it was always “decent”, not gourmet but suitable for business lunch or catching up with a friend! Glad you enjoyed!