Happy Holidays, HOs!

Brisket from Zahav is in the oven. Soup is made. Matzo balls are on the stove. That’s me prepping for my non-Seder!

Regardless of the holiday you celebrate, I hope you’re all going to eat well and be with people you love (or at least LIKE) this weekend…


Same to you and everyone!

We weren’t going to really do Easter this year. It was never a big deal, especially after my dad passed, it became a “whatever” holiday.

We started out two weeks ago with my mom saying she would make Italian Easter Pie (ricotta, mozzarella, salami, prosciutto, ham, and eggs, all baked together) and maybe a few small apps. That was going to be it. No big deal. THEN we realized we had a free ham from Shop Rite. Picked that up yesterday, it is a 12 pound monster. THEN because she is not big on ham, she wants to get a rotisserie chicken from Costco. Of course there will be other sides and apps. So much for not “doing” Easter this year.

Ham sandwiches for weeks it is!


That’s okay…I wasn’t feeling my usual Pseudo-Seder ™ so I’m basically having friends for dinner. But I’m required to make my ch soup/MBs and I’ve been dying to make the coffee–rubbed Zahav brisket, so… it’s only 8 people. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ETA that I’ll also be serving my new favorite cocktail in quantity (thanks to Mr. and @MsBean - Pama liqueur, lime, and seltzer. OMG.


I’ve never heard of Pama liqueur. What kind of flavor is that?

Well our Easter plans got screwed up as my MIL (who was hosting) had foot surgery on Tuesday and is hardly out of bed for the next 2 weeks. So, we are doing a smaller thing. I’m making a few side dishes to bring there and my SIL will toss a ham in the oven.

Can I at least ask you 4 questions?

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Yes, caller. Go ahead.

Pama is (from the bottle) “a proprietary blend of all-natural POMEGRANATE juice, premium vodka, and a touch of imported tequila.” Mr. @MsBean brought a bottle to the Persian dinner at Burbelmaiers–along with all the fixin’s, including pomegranate arils. :grin:

Too sweet to drink on its own imo, but delicious as we had it. Good warm weather drinking!


Yeah, I’m going to need to find a bottle of this immediately. Thanks for the tip and @MsBean :slight_smile:


YES. YOU DO. :slight_smile: Fwiw, the liquor store in the Neptune ShopRite had it on sale!! $16, regularly $20.


Mah Nishtahnah ha lilah hazzeh? I mean seriously man, what makes this night any different?

Happy holidays to all from all of us cats here:


We do a Seder with some friends. Dietary restrictions for some made this year complicated, so as a result, I’m making:

Soup with Homemade Matzoh Balls (the cannonball kind)
Mixed Greens Salad (Costco) (for the low-sodium folks)
Roast Chicken
Gravy (from a mix)
Farfel stuffing (homemade, by which I mean I even made the farfel myself from matzoh)
Roasted Red Potatoes with Rosemary (for the low-sodium folks)
Steamed Asparagus, Cauliflower, Summer Squash, Carrots (separately–picky eaters)
Cranberry Relish (my sister-in-law’s recipe)
whatever dessert(s) our friends bring, plus macaroons

I’m exhausted! I started cooking/prepping Tuesday. The hardest part is trying to get everything cooked/reheated coming out at the same time. The worst part is we don’t get to eat out for a week, so there’s more cooking coming, though nothing this elaborate.

Happy holidays to all! See youse at Englishtown Auction!


Ok, first question

Fluffles the cat meows more loudly the higher she climbs in her favorite tree. Her volume changes at a rate of

decibels per foot, where h is Fluffles’ height above ground measured in feet.


and explain what it represents


Oooh nice! Is it bottled at 40% ABV?

17%! Easy drinking!

@BossaNova I’m gonna need to get back to you…

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One night, Mr Bean and I ended up at a local place for drinks. I can’t remember why as it isn’t somewhere we’d normally go. As we were drinking whatever it was we were drinking, we noticed the bottle of Pama sitting on the bar. We asked the bartender what it was and at the mention of pomegranate, I got very interested (I have a thing for pomegranates). He poured a very generous taste and that was the end of that. I still curse that man every time I buy a bottle - which is way more often than I’d like.

Happy Holidays everyone!


I first read that as FALAFEL stuffing !! :joy: which kinda sounds awesome too…


Happy Easterover or Passeaster to us all!!

We are hosting this year 50 ± of our closest family this year. Everyone is bringing stuff my contribution besides hosting are:

Apps: charcuterie board, Italian egg rolls, seafood raw bar, stuffed Italian long hot peppers

Entree: leg of lamb, filet mignon, mac n cheese, broccoli rabe, chicken tequila

Fully stocked bar that I will be putting to good use!

Happy and Healthy to you and yours! Pics to follow.


I’m on my way over now. We’re going to get a good pregame on!


We don’t observe the holiday but I always take advantage if a three day weekend to cook! I picked up some ribs to throw on the smoker Sunday, but realized this morning that I had a leg of lamb in the back of the fridge that needs to be cooked. So, I just sliced up half the meat for kebabs (now marinating in a spice paste of garlic, onion, cumin, coriander, mint and cilantro), and the other half (trimmings and other fatty bits) are destined for the grinder.


I’m on my way, too

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