Happy dog day


Are those home made dog biscuits?

Yes! Have been making them for him for years.


I do hope he got that biscuit that is sticking out over the edges of the two pans! Otherwise, there’s gonna be a whole lot of drool to clean up.


Now, you want to make me do something for my cat. :grin:

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My cat always appreciates it when I boil her a piece of chicken when preparing my own meal (never boiled chicken for me :wink:

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Well, mine bugged us for lamb or beef when we had our meal. Chicken is his everyday meal, not exciting for him.

Mine likes beef, but only when fresh\warm She’ll eat leftover chicken for 2-3 days (once every week or two). Tuna is her daily staple, but she doesn’t care for any fresh fish preps.

I wonder why she doesn’t scarf down the Iams every day?

You don’t worry about accumulation of heavy metal in the body? Mine once a week or every 2 weeks a can of tuna. raw chicken or turkey daily, some can cooked chicken with cheese. Mine needs variations for food.

I was told it was unhealthy for cats. My first cat (a tiny calico) lived until 21.

I adopted two cats (tuxedos born outdoors in Philly) 20+ years ago–one had to be put down last year at 20 for reasons unrelated to her diet. The other is still going strong (and loudly running around at 3 am).

I’m in my 50s and have only had one cat + 2 cats since high school. Tuna can’t be that bad for them.

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21!! Not bad! I’ve heard that the longest living cat 30+ something ate bacon as snack.

That’s those vets told you, they want to sell you special cat biscuits. Some vets didn’t like when I told them my cat is on raw diet.

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(Should we move this thread to not about food?)


My cats like it when I bake milk bread (or tangzhong starter bread). They also love chinese bakery breads! Before I’ve even sat down, they will follow me and climb all over me to get a little nibble. I don’t give it to them often, but you almost have to distract them with a tiny bit, or they will be in your face (literally!) the entire time you’re trying to eat.

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Funny, when I told the vet how old the cats were she remarked, “they’ve never been to a vet.” She acknowledged vets actually shorten a pet’s life by insisting on shots . . . I understand shots for animals that go outside, but for animals that are always inside and are never exposed to diseases?

And yes, my tuxedos both loved :bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon:

I wasn’t comfortable with vaccination, first it’s expansive, 90€ a shot each year. But my cat does go out. I read about that the same type of shot in some countries like Belgium they only do twice or even every 3 years. Once I stopped for 2 years, then they made me “reshoot” everything two times, and charged me 2x90€. Now I go back to vaccination every year.

I have a screened-in porch, so my cats get to go outside without ever being outside.


I haven’t given bacon to my cat, but he loves cooked ham, even more the smoked ones! Doesn’t like foie gras or oyster. Loves Parmesan or cream. Loves to play with green olive (and eats them after playing).

God, cats are weird.

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Actually, my cat was a stray cat, the first year we found that strange he loved to eat bread, even brought home twice when he found them on the pavement. But now he didn’t want to touch that anymore.

My calico was thrown out of her house. (Really? She was a model catizen).

The two tuxedos were strays born outside. They have no time for bread–only meat, cheese, tuna. They do like milk, cream and other dairy. Now I only have one, but if I adopt another one I’ll be good to 70+.