Happy accidents- What's yours?

Tonight I made spaghetti with prawns and tinned smoked mussels in a tomato sauce. I made a seafood stock with the prawn heads and shells and then added this to a tomato sauce and cooked for about an hour. Now I’ve never used tinned mussels before ( bought them on a whim and we were trying to use up stuff in the cupboard). I thought I’d add them before the prawns to impart some of their flavour. I did though want to keep them whole. Before I knew it they started to melt into the tomato sauce. Given the time and effort I’d made, I was a bit disappointed. However it turned out to be better than I could have thought. Melted in they imparted a wonderful flavour, made the sauce thick and creamy and made it really cling to the pasta.

I will be using them this way in the future. I’m sure there’s a lot of similar happy accidents out there?


Answer based on your title alone; My daughter.


Burning my roasted brussels sprouts.

Turns out that it’s really hard to overcook brussels sprouts. When they look charred and awful, there’s a good chance they’re just nicely crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, with a fantastic caramelized flavor.


On a cold dark night I quickly grabbed some rosemary to use in a lamb marinade but half of what I grabbed ended up being lavender. I know that lavender is used in cooking but its perfume is so sweet and strong that it never seemed like something I wanted in my food. It was so cold and windy outside so I decided to use some of it in place of some of the rosemary. It was really good.

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I make green juice every day using just veggies and lemon. I always use parsley yet one day in a rush i bought cilantro- so i used that anyhow and never looked back, it was delicious!

Not such an accident but i have always only drank espresso black with a little spoon of regular sugar. I was at my friend’s apartment and she made us espresso yet had no sugar of any sort (she’s the definition of a non cook). So i used a little honey and that was a game changer! Apparently it’s a “thing” elsewhere- I literally bought honey on my way home that day and now put it in my daily espresso

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