"Hang's Noodles" (Accrocher Nouilles) - Where does the name come from

I recently bought some dried wheat noodles from Whole Foods online (ingredients: wheat flour, salt, water) from the brand Sau Tao that were termed “Hang’s Noodles” (also included the term Accrocher Nouilles). They came up under a site search for lo mein noodles, so I am guessing they are basically the same thing. But, I was just curious if anyone had heard the term for these noodles before or knew where it came from? The characters on the bag were 壽桃牌雪白掛麵 .


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Well, historically these 掛麵 noodle are made by hanging and drying. However, these days, many hang noodle is simply machine made and possibly not hang anyway. It can simply refer thin noodle.


It is like the traditional wonton noodle is called 竹昇麵. Most people are not making them by using a bamboo pressing on the dough anymore, but they still reserve the old name: Bamboo Raising Noodle.


Thank you!