HAND PIES - Winter 2022 (Jan-Mar) Dish of the Quarter

Happy New Year HOs! This quarter we’ll be exploring the humble HAND PIE as our DOTQ. Sweet or savory, thin-skinned or flaky, who doesn’t love a delicious filling in a portable wrapper? Hand pies are part of every cuisine on earth and all are up for discussion on this thread. Let’s get crimping!


Have you seen hand pies so big? These are crab meat empanadas in southern Chile. Deep-fried pies are as common as baked ones.

Check out the empanadas on menu at the restaurant where I ate one massive meal (the empanadas were starters). All has cheese in the fillings. Would make the “no cheese in seafood” purists burn with anger.

Also in southern Chile. Pies are always so much bigger than in Argentina, and also very different.

See how juicy it is inside

My lunch on a beautiful hike, with Mt. Fitzroy backdrop.

So far I have only come across these caprese empanadas in Argentina. Maybe be cause it’s very Italian in Argentina.


Bierocks are a Kansas staple and the source of my intrigue with the dish, besides the fact they’re delicious :yum:


Most traditional…


I’d sure be happy to eat either of these!

I wonder if bierocks are an Americanized, Kansasized name or pronunciation or recipe for piroshki.

You are correct.

Here’s an interesting remembrance from Portland discussing a lot of this.

This one has her recipe.


I really like this DOTQ. They’re the best when you get out of your comfort zone and stretch.

I think of myself as a good home cook but not a great one and it’s because I don’t bake. We don’t have the counter space, the thought of flour everywhere makes me nervous and I hate measuring. But! Hand Pies will be a good start and I’m totally down! Now I just need to make sure all my baking products haven’t expired! :slightly_smiling_face:


RI-style spinach pies are a favorite of mine. They’re not Greek nor Italian per se. They’re usually a bit bland, sometimes have olives, but get zhuzhed up by a dip in marinara sauce. I don’t ever make them, though. I leave that to the pros (DePetrillo, Calvitto’s, etc) and I always get some along with some pizza strips (that’s a totally different thread).


Great Topic! I’ve yet to try a Pasty but have sort of a New Year’s resolution along with a couple of other dishes.

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Wow, that looks really delicious. Too bad they don’t give out the recipe in the video. :wink:



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In the blur of travel and displacement I did not register that my nom of sfeeha/fatayer turned into Hand Pies.

I’m going to leave this here to remind myself to make them again - I used the Ottolenghi recipe during the pandemic, and it was fantastic (maybe a bit bready, but that can be tweaked):



I just made Sicilian greens bread …hand pies , Rachel Roddy, “Two Kitchens”. I think The Guardian has a similar recipe. It’s one of those very adaptable recipes that can include most veggies. I’ll be posting it on the Lunch topic in the next couple of days. It reheated well in a skillet but I would tweak the dough recipe next time. I made about 3/4 of the bread recipe and it made 6. The book’s recipe is for a pie rather than individual hand pies.


We enjoyed the “greens” hand pie and it also reheats well. Swiss chard is abundant at the FM right now, and the combination of greens, ricotta, sausage, garlic is always a win with us. The book suggests various vegetable combinations which I will likely try as they are a nice change from meat filled ones.


The lemony spinach sfeeha are a close cousin to this type of pie.


Upper Michigan Pasties


I have a Cornish Pasty cookbook, and had no idea Michigan was known for its pasties until another poster mentioned them in another thread.