Ham on the peninsula?

I was out hiking with some friends, and there was a discussion of holiday meals, and some amount of raving of ham from Bryan’s on California St in the city.

All I know about ham is the supplier is everything — all you’re doing is warming the danged thing.

If you had to get the absolutely first rate ham for an occasion, peninsula, where would you go?

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Thanks for the shout-out for Bryan’s, my corner store! Certainly my go-to for meat and fish.
On the peninsula, have you tried Draeger’s in San Mateo? Usually top of the line products.

Give the lachsschinken from Dittmers a try. They are very thinly sliced and I like them much more than regular ham.

Good point…what use do you have for ham? A chunk/haunch to bake? Already cooked and or for slicing?

Serving at dinner as a roast.

Lachsschinken sounds amazing but wouldn’t likely have the same presentation?

Drager’s would be my first default, but Schaub’s is often in the running.

It occurs to me if a ham is aged 4 to 6 months, perhaps getting one shipped isn’t a big deal?

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You should be able to get them unsliced if you ask them. They make theirs in the back. Get a quarter pound of sliced and see if you like them first though.

It comes in a tube, though? Bringing a tube of meat product to the table of a dinner party isn’t quite the same as a haunch of ham. I mean, we’re all about the taste, but maybe not ALL about the taste :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for the tip, for my personal use, it sounds great and I’ve put on my mental list swinging by there next time I have errands in the area…

Oh that ham :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. For whatever odd reason I was thinking about lunch meat ham…

There are GREAT hams that you can have shipped.
https://www.finchvillefarms.com/ (these are Sugar Cured Personally not a favorite but that is just me)

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Dittmer’s should be able to supply you with a haunch. Could be worth visiting just to see.

Thanks for this recommendation. I had never heard of this place. Wish I was closer looks like a fun place to try out some new lunch meats!

They are old style, standalone, German butcher shop. that has been around since the 70s 80s. They got a large selection of sausages. They also make their own pate, which is quite good. Give it a try when you are in the area. They carry bread from Esther’s German Bakery (among others) from across the street. So they got a little German thingy going on in that corner.

Covid hit them I think pretty hard. So hopefully they hang on.

I rarely buy ham but aside from Draegers, I recommend Piazza’s, up the hill on West Hillsdale Blvd/Hwy 92, in the shopping center. Everything there is top quality, from their produce to the butcher counter and everything in between.

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