hacking around jackson heights queens

Haven’t been since pre-pandemic, first time to Birria-Landia, perhaps my expectations were too high but I thought this instant pot recipe resulted in a better outcome:
https://www.pressurecookrecipes.com/instant-pot-birria/ with the exception of the consommé, which had incredible depth and flavor.

after Birria-Landia I took @Saregama suggestion and headed to Khampa Kitchen for a bowl of their momo soup served with a fruit syrup. Except either my eyes are old or the menu was wrong, because the fruit syrup turned out to be a very, very hot sauce :joy:

the momo was good, the bok choy-like vegetable crisp but the thin broth, now made eye wateringly spicy by yours truly, didn’t do much for me. Still, another great suggestion from @Saregama , the restaurant was clean, quiet, great service and the momo delicious.

Brought home a couple of pastries from todo rico, the whipped cheese filled bun on the right was killer.

can’t believe how quick the ride is to JH, less than half an hour if I hit the trains right, def need to spend more time in the area

ps chef cbtm bistro looked intereting


“Fruit sauce”

Literally, correct. Practically, well…

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We are going to hit up mostly seafood spots next Saturday starting at noon.