Hachiya Persimmons: best ways to use them...

My bad.
I live in Canada and I don’t drink. I also haven’t been to Stockton or Lodi since 2017! I corrected the name.
I liked their huevos rancheros, and they made a nice tri tip sandwich.

No worries. I forget their name all the time. I usually call it “That place on Highway 12 west of town”!


Sliced and drying Fuyu today; there were about 5 persimmons and one seed


I bought 3 Hachiya persimmons yesterday (my first ones). Now I can understand why some people might like to eat persimmons raw. I ate part of one Rae’s, and I’m roasting the rest with brown sugar and cinnamon.

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The only time I’ve ever had a persimmon (and can’t remember now which kind bc it might’ve been as long ago as in my teens, so easily a decade :joy:), it had a strangely numbing flavor that was not pleasant at all. Not sure if it wasn’t fully ripe, but I never felt compelled to try another one.

Yes if you have an unripe one, you’ll be suspicious for life.
These are from my tree. It’s a hybrid with an Asian and the US native species, perhaps that’s why it’s seedy… I think it’s a kaki variety. These are super ripe. There can be up to six of these large seeds, embedded in pulp. Kind of a pain, but delicious.


Cool! Thanks for sharing. Around here the only non-commercial variety I’ve seen is “chocolate persimmon,” which are small, slightly brown, and flat like fuyus.