H-Mart Opening in Yonkers, Westchester County, NY

I just spoke with a contractor and H-Mart is moving into the old Pathmark space in the High Ridge shopping center on Central Avenue in Yonkers. 1757 Central Park Ave, Yonkers, NY 10710. It’s the shopping center just north of Tuckahoe Rd. The same place with Liquorfellas and on the far end the fantastic A&S Pork Store Italian Deli. I’m not sure when, but they plan to start renovating in the next few weeks or month.

I’m psyched to have one so close to me. Soon no more 3-4 times a week driving to Hartsdale/White Plains.

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JMF, did they happen to mention if there will be a Tous les Jours will be in the new location?

No other info yet.

TY… we lucked out with this one!

So surprised that H Mart would open another big store so close to their other location in Hartsdale. Anyway, check out Dickie’s BBQ at High Ridge for some good Texas style brisket. Also, Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant has a fine new chef and the kitchen has been making some great strides…

I don’t think that a 15 minute drive is that close. Yonkers is the 4th largest city in NY state after all.

I am a perfectionist when it comes to BBQ. I think Dickie’s is mediocre. I worked in a whole hog open pit BBQ joint in Georgia for a year in grad school, and was part of several multiple award winning pro BBQ teams back around 10-15 years ago. I won’t eat poor BBQ, and a chain is incapable of doing good BBQ.

As for Rancho Grande, after one visit around six months after they opened I have never been back. They were so Americanized and poor quality. There are so many excellent Mexican places in New Rochelle, and South Yonkers that I don’t put up with crap.

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I did not realize who you were until I took another look at your photo. Anyway, the argument about BBQ is never ending, and fortunately we have enjoyed take out from Dickie’s on several occasions. Glad to have it there. Regarding Rancho Grande, apparently you are not aware of some of the changes taking place…

I’ll check out Ranch Grande soon, since I am only a few minutes away.

Do we know one another? Or from chowhound?

Do you know is Osvaldo still there?

Confirmation… http://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/westchester/yonkers/2016/02/03/hmart-opening-yonkers/79755862/

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Is the story about H-Mart coming to Yonkers still valid? There are rumors that this location will be Key Food, or some such…any further confirmations out there?

H Mart has had their signs covering all the windows saying Coming Soon, (most likely Fall 2016) since March.

A post on THAT board said it will not be an H-Mart.

I hope it’s an H-Mart! I was kind of wondering what I’d do for Asian grocery shopping after leaving Queens!

That’s nice and all that a post on chowhound says it will not be an H Mart, but it is. I know the contractors, and a store owner in that shopping center. Oh, and the fifty feet of signs in the windows helps. I was literally just there five minutes ago. The person on chowhound who said it won’t be, said he saw key food banners in the window, which there never was. And that a new sign was put up saying some other market, and that is incorrect. They were taking down the old Pathmark sign.

Also, I was at Hartsdale H Mart an hour ago and asked again about the Yonkers store, when it will be opening, and again they said in the Fall.

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Thanks for clarifying this, JMF…

There’s another H-Mart 15 minutes away (not as close as in Flushing), so it’s not like you would have had to go that far even if this one didn’t open.

The person who posted that it was going to be Key Food or something else was probably confused and talking about a different location in Yonkers.

BTW it looks like a “Floor & Decor” store will be taking over the PM location at 2540 Central Park Ave, in back of that big shopping center.

Aaaargh! It looks like the City of Yonkers is holding up the permits for some reason. What was supposed to be a November 2016 opening looks more like Spring 2017… or later. (Unofficial word from H-Mart customer service in Hartsdale.)