Gyro Kitchen-Hartsdale,NY

True, and also as Rich says, crossing Central Ave is a bit daunting!

Too bad about not being able to eat Indian food anymore. That would make me very sad as well:sob: I have been to Polpettina a few times since it opened and I’m sorry to say I am not a big fan but i think the pizza is ok. I too make my own pizza dough based on a recipe on The Fresh Loaf website and add in different ingredients on a whim.

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Those other restaurants I mentioned are on Rt22 aka White Plains Road and the municipal parking is across the street so I think in that respect it’s similar as far as having to cross a major busy thoroughfare. One of the main differences is that people park and stay for at least a couple of hours as opposed to picking up food.

That is a good point! For take out I want to pull right up front!

Hopefully, they can offer curbside pick up service…

I hope the new place is better than the last. They overcooked and dried out their meats.

i sure hope so too! Fingers crossed. Speaking of Greek food does anyone here remember a Greek take out/eat in restaurant a block or two down the street from MACY’S in Herald Square on 7th Avenue in the early 80’'s? They had the best I mean THE best Tzatziki? sauce I have ever tasted in my life. It was a very thin almost watery white sauce (not thick like yogurt and had a definite tang to it. They would assemble the gyro then drizzle on that heavenly sauce then hit it with a shower of paprika. I have never tasted anything that even comes close til this day. It was pure perfection in a pita!

It looks like Gyro Gyro is opening soon. They have been posting help wanted announcements online. I figure less than two weeks unless they run into problems, or sooner if not.

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