Gyro Kitchen-Hartsdale,NY

Hello, I’m new to this forum. What brought me here was a google search re the now closed Gyro Kitchen in Hartsdale. Does anyone know why it closed down? I know at one point, the town was giving the them trouble about the seating area in the back because they lacked a sprinkler system, so they closed it off. The owner was very enthusiastic, gracious and generous. Food was decent (for take out) and it always seemed busy.

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Was not aware that they had closed,but not really surprised. I did (do) like the place,but the location is absolutely horrible for a restaurant.The only repeat business they could count on is local foot traffic.Unless truly sensational, most people (with car traffic) in mind would not consider stopping in and even as a destination most would choose (on balance) after considering the parking ,to go elsewhere and even a sort of official/unofficial curbside pickup on that corner is not something many would want to deal with.

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@ADR, my sister used to live near there and she also liked Gyro Kitchen. I think what Rich said is true. The turnover at places at that corner has been constant. From a visibility standpoint it’s fantastic; they get so much exposure from people crossing at the four corners. But the parking situation is terrible. I wonder what the solution for a business at that corner is.

So I passed by today and guess what the sign in the window says… OPENING SOON GYRO GYRO. No kidding!

Must have passed by at different times. I only saw them removing the signs from the top of the building,including the storefront next door- which had been Mimi’s bar and grill which never even got around to opening

Mimi’s Bar and Grill was open for a few months before closing. Now there is a Vape shop next door to it. Don’t know where the patrons park. Fantasy Cuisine just a few door away seems to be doing fine and has been around for a few years, but then again they have a small parking lot.

Yes, I saw the Gyro Gyro sign too! I’m excited and a bit confused. lol

While parking is limited right in front of the store, there is plenty of municipal parking right across the street. on Hartsdale Ave.

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True. I’d say most people (myself included) don’t want to be bothered even with that.

@ADR, what other restaurants in the area do you like?

That’s too bad … I know some people had a problem with it, but I thought they made the best tzatziki around and I liked the doner gyro combination plate

Amendola’s near the train station has pretty good slices, and the food looks good (I stick to pizza). Right across the street is Frankie and Fanucci - also good pizza,but not by the slice

True! People, especially in the 'burbs, like drive up convenience. I usually cook at home but when we do go out to eat in Westchester I like Wrap and Roll in Ardsley but I almost always get the Vegetable Makhani ( an off menu item) as some of my other favorite vegetarian dishes like Palak Paneer and Matar Paneer just don’t have the layers and depth of flavor that I like. My husband really likes the Chicken Korma. I also like the take out/eat in format. I think Carlo’s on Tuckahoe Road makes a good Grandma pie.
My husband likes the lamb gyro from the Souvlaki truck parked on Central Ave and Saigonese ( Vietnamese ) on Central Ave is pretty good too.


Thank you for your warm welcome!:grinning:


Our tastes are very similar. We are big fans of Wrap and Roll. My only issue with them is that they are stingy with the aloo bhindi. We used to enjoy Carlo’s a lot but not as much now. We get spring rolls, mango salad, and bo luc lac from Saigonese every couple of weeks.

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Interesting! We’ve probably run into each other at one of those places without knowing. Lol I’ve eaten at Carlo’s upstairs restaurant only once and that was once too many times for me. I took two bites of my meal, which I believe was eggplant parm and that was it. Lol I almost never eat Italian food out because I make Italian food at home plus I grew up eating (and still eat) my mom’s outstanding home cooked Italian food and there is just zero comparison.

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PS. I just saw your posts re: Auntie Fee. Loved her! A little rough around the edges but gut busting stomach clenching rolling on the floor funny as hell! Seemed like she had a heart of gold. RIP Auntie Fee

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Good to know that Indian place in Ardsley is still good. I used to go but sadly I cannot eat Indian food anymore… One of the greatest culinary tragedies of my life. :wink: I went to Saigonese once-- gotta get back there. For Grandma pie I have enjoyed Polpettina in Eastchester but I haven’t been there in a while. I admit I don’t eat pizza out that often since my husband makes really great homemade dough (Jim laheys recipe on Smitten Kitchen) but if I do it’s likely to be fortina or ossining pizza, of which only fortina is worth a trip. It won’t satisfy a grandma pie craving though. Wish we had a place in N. Westchester that had a good rendition.

Glad to read more from you. Please keep up your contributions!

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Saw the sign today for the soon to open (replacement) gyro gyro. I don’t think any restaurant can succeed at that location,but obviously others see it differently. The lack of easy parking and the difficulty of just circling if no spot is found, also crossing either central ave. or Hartsdale Ave. on foot is unappealing to most, and certainly cannot survive on walk-in traffic primarily, but still wish them good luck.

True but some restaurants do survive the lack of convenient parking. A few that come to mind are Mickey Spillane, Burrata and Piper’s Kilt in Eastchester. Maybe if the restaurant is more of a sit down stay for hours type establishment rather than a quick take out people would be more inclined to use municipal parking lots?

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