Ground Beef in Fridge: How Long?

Just got back from Safeway and grabbed a pack of their “fresh, 100% angus brisket, chuck, short rib” burgers… and am puzzled.

I have been taught that refrigerated, fresh ground beef is good for only a few days at best, yet this package is labeled “use or freeze by 10-08-2023”… that’s TWO WEEKS! WTF? I checked the ingredients to see if preservatives were present but it only lists “beef”.

So how is this possible?

Have you considered calling Safeway?

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The use of meat diapers has greatly increased the longevity of packaged meat.

it says:
use or freeze

“use” implies you cook the ground beef to 160’-165’F.
“freeze by” implies the time when the quality declines.

there are zero comma zip comma NO Federal rules/guidelines/regulations about labeling “use by” dates on ground beef.
go with your gut. safer is always less painful than “out of safer”

Is this one of the 1 lb packaged ground meats “cubes” ? - Those are vacuum sealed and with nitrogen, so no oxygen exposure which is one of the key issues for short term storage

Nevermind… as this was complete crap and is going back. The grind is way too fine/dense, and the final texture came out like I don’t know what… but nothing like a burger. Two bites and then into the trash.