Grocery store finds - Houston

From the Trader Joe’s Westheimer/Royal Oaks thread:

“A year or so ago, after having several varieties of sambal served with Sri Lankan fare at Yaal Tiffins, I went on a quest for sambal around town. Other than the pervasive Sambal Oeleck, which is probably available in some gas station convenience stores, all I could find were 3 varieties at Hong Kong Market. I remember looking at TJ’s but didn’t see this one then.”

On a recent trip to HK there was a much larger selection - probably at least a dozen varieties, all this Kokita brand.

I picked up a couple of jars, varieties I recognized from the Wikioracle article on sambal. So this is my current collection of sambals.

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I haven’t found any frozen potstickers that were really outstanding after trying several from various stores so I turned to the web for some recommendations. This Serious Eats article seemed as good a starting point as any.

I was thrilled to find this from the list at Hong Kong Market. Maybe it’s because I like leeks but I really like these. I’ve had the TJ’s before and didn’t remember being impressed but I bought another package for comparison.

I was surprised HK didn’t have the others. But maybe they did and I missed them. I takes quite a while to browse the freezer section at HK and I’m sure my eyes glazed over several times.

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I’ve known about Frenchy’s Creole Sausage for at least a decade - found it first at the HEB on BW8 @ Beechnut (and that’s about the only place I’ve been able to reliably find it). It’s what they use in their Creole Sausage Po-boys which is about all I ever get if I’m not interested in fried chicken when I go to Frenchy’s. They call it a chaurice but it has both beef and pork and I think a chaurice is supposed to be only pork. Whatever. It makes a great addition to red beans 'n rice as well as po-boys.

Recently I came across their boudin and rice dressing products at the Foodtown on the BW, just a little south of Beechnut. I’ve since seen the boudin at the HEB in Montrose. Certainly one of the best store bought boudins I’ve tried. Probably be even better if you wanted to fire up a smoker.

It comes in both hot and mild. I got the hot for myself and went back to get some packages of mild to fix for a pot luck I go to from time to time. Cajun stuff always goes over well but not spicy stuff and the spicy version has a noticeable heat level.

The rice dressing is very good. My package did not last long! Microwave or warm up in the oven, even warm the whole package, with holes punched for steam release. I like the microwave option these days.

I haven’t seen the chorizo listed on the website but I’ll be looking for it.

Frenchy’s Creole Sausage Co.

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Good to know! I haven’t heard of this sausage, I’ve been on an Eddy’s sausage kick lately but I am in the mood for RBR if the weather would ever cool down.

Have you been to Herbert’s? Had a deboned cajun chicken this week stuffed with crawfish and jalapeño cornbread dressing. Crisped up nicely. I’ve bought their green onion sausage too.

Oh my. That looks good. Haven’t been to Hebert’s in several years. Seems to me we had a discussion about them on Chowhound a few years back, or questions from a tourist??? I see they still have the one on Richmond just down from Bayou City Pasta and Luling City Mkt.

Green onion sausage at Hebert’s??? That’s a new one on me. I have been thinking about a little road trip up to Poffenberger’s Bellville Meat Market - love their green onion sausage (and several of their other sausages but especially that one). That was probably the first time I ever came across it. Spec’s carries some Poffenberger’s stuff, principally the summer sausage I think, but I’ve never seen the green onion there.

ETA: Just perused their site and see they now have a green onion summer sausage - I’ll have to try that one. Last time I was there I believe they were only making 2 or maybe three summer sausages. Business must be good.

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I haven’t been out to Bellville - is Bellville still there or maybe closer to Houston now??? But I did find Junior’s Green Onion sausage at Central Market.

I’ve been to Junior’s on 59/69 between Wharton and El Campo and haven’t been impressed very much with products I’ve tried but here it is at CM so I gave it a try. I found it pretty bland with minimal green onion taste. Generally I’ve found stuff from Prasek’s in Hillje, Austin’s in Eagle Lake, Vincek’s in East Bernard and Poffenberger’s in Bellville to be better.

I forgot all about Lambowner’s mention of Hebert’s.

Not sure what you mean, it’s still there of course.

Yes. Well, er, it was supposed to be humorous. As in floated away or slid closer to Houston in the muck and mud. Nevermind.

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Dragging up an old thread.

I stopped by Sprouts on Westheimer and Kirkwood last night for a couple of things, (celery, yoghurt, etc.) and as I was walking up to check out I saw these big bags of coffee in two shopping carts. The bags are plain brown paper bags with a stick on label and stamped at each end with the varietal. There were probably thirty bags or so.

Here’s the website: Volcanic Red Coffees. It shows some of the varietals I saw last night.

Honestly, I think this is probably the coffee with which they fill their bulk bins and I suspect it’s reaching it sell by date, but they have it on sale for $10 for each 5 pound bag.

I bought Decaf Espresso and Organic Sumatran. On the website that’s over $100 and I got them for $20. I felt like I was stealing.

Seriously. I’d keep this as my own personal secret but I’ve got a couple of months supply now! If you’re making a run to Trader Joe’s or MY HEB(!), or Phoenicia, it’s a great deal. I had to try it last night when I got it home it’s tastes fine to me. Of course, this is no help at all if you’re one of those lazy KCup snobs! :wink:

I’m going to vacuum seal it in 1/2 lb batches and freeze them. (If I can make the room for it. My freezer is ridiculous.)

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Awesome, thanks! I’ll get over there tomorrow and hope it is still there!

Are these whole beans? If so, I hope they have a grinder, because the thought of grinding 10 pounds of coffee beans in my little kitchen grinder is too daunting.

Anyway, headed over there shortly.

Yes, whole beans. I just grind mine fresh every morning. It’s the only way.

They do have a grinder, but the thought of standing there grinding ten pounds “is too daunting”!

My SO thinks I lost my mind and immediately started researching grinders bigger than our 20 year old starter model.

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But truthfully, that didn’t start today…I’ve met him!

Hope you enjoy.


Look for a burr grinder. I have a $35 Capresso that’s been working like a champ for eight years or so.

Thanks Doobs! I meant to query you on your appliance.

I beg your pardon?!?!

Alrighty then! Can someone call the mind floss distributor stat? Hehe :upside_down_face:

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Someone suggested using my Ninja blender and I thought I’d give that a try first before adding another item to my overstuffed small kitchen. And hey, it worked! I ground about a pound which really doesn’t last long in this house. So I’ll finally sample the Italian roast in the morning. Have you tried it yet Doobs? What’s the verdict?