Grocery Shopping in [Ontario]: Deals and Specials, 2024

Share the bargains and deals :slightly_smiling_face:

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At Metro today, I found Scottish Tablet and Scottish Fudge for half price. ,~$2.49 each.

Kicking Horse ground coffee was on sale for $9.99/ pack from $13.99/ pack.


Metro on Jan 7, 2024.

I just bought a whole pineapple at Your Independent Grocer for $1.99. I haven’t seen pineapples that cheap in awhile.

Loblaws has strawberries on sale this week. A 454 gram container is $2.77.



This time from ‘Freshway Food Mart, First Markham Place’ :

Wild caught frozen Antarctic King Crab Legs and Claws from Chile at an amazing $27.99 for 1.1 pound ( 500g )!!
( Compared to Costco’s slightly larger size Alaskan King Crab Legs and Claws selling at a whopping $79.95 a pound!..I know the latter is ’ Alaskan '…but at a 3X+ price difference?! )


I made a trip to Loblaws after work today and scored a container of the strawberries on sale. They are a little more underripe than I would like but that’s what happens when you buy strawberries that are out of season.

Loblaws also had some in-store specials including no name rice crackers for $1 a package.

I cook them when they’re underripe or not sweet.


Loblaws also had some 1 lb packages of mixed nuts, hazelnuts and walnuts for $0.44 a package. I didn’t get any walnuts because I already have lots.

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Galen Weston. EFF that guy and the father he rode in on.

The Loblaws I went to yesterday had their discounted foods on sale at 30% off instead of 50% off. Yet one more reason my trips to any of the Loblaw Inc stores will become less and less frequent.

I will still shop at Loblaws and Superstore.

I don’t shop there often. The $0.44 and other deals on my local Loblaws’ discount rack / liquidation rack are hard to beat.

When canned milk is on sale at any of the big chains, I stock up, and I don’t care which chain is selling it.

My local Sobeys has a few liquidation shelves, but they tend to be stocked with more drug store items than food items.

My local Metro and Farm Boy do not have similar discount racks or shelves.

I buy the same kinds of groceries at Metro, Loblaws, Superstore and Sobey’s, so it’s relatively easy to remember which stores have been selling these 8-10 items for less.

I boycott Walmart and Costco. Long story re: Costco, but I won’t go back, and the parking lot is a nightmare. Not worth it for me.

…More from " Freshway Food Mart, First Markham Place ".

Came across this funny looking ’ Mango shape - Papaya Honey pudding

Orange ’ from Taiwan! Cannot resist trying one!

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How much was the Taiwanese orange?

I bought 3 leaf and stem attached premium clementines from an independent store in LDNOnt, and they were over $1 each.

It seems like we have less citrus selection than usual for January, in LdnOnt. The Little Italy Metro in Toronto has a really depressing produce department, maybe because there are 2 produce shops on College St that have better produce.

Fiesta Farms seems to be the only full service grocery store that I like for produce that is located south of St Clair, east of Roncesvalles, west of Bay.

I guess there is produce at the T & T on College St. I’ve mostly bought candy and instant noodles at T & T, on my 3 visits.

$3.99 a pound. Slightly less than $3.
Navel and Seedless.
Pretty sweet and juicy with mild acidity and a different but appealing first bite taste profile. After that settled into a more typical orangey taste.

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I have enjoyed Israeli Jaffa citrus, when I can find it!

Schneider’s bacon is on sale at Loblaws and Farm Boy for $3.99/ 375 g pack this week. $3 off.

5 pack of small avocados at Loblaws is on sale for $1.88 a pack.

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I noticed this change. I buy a fair bit of discounted food, wanting to reduce food waste (much of the discounted items are perfectly fine). It’s a bit irritating as in the interest of more money, they might sell less of this stuff and thus increase food waste.

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I hope they donare the stuff if they can’t sell it.

I noticed my independent grocery store in London had put its imported Christmas cookies and other unsold shelf stable holiday foods in the food bank collection near the door.

The quick sale produce at the Farm Boys in London is a bargain.
There’s also a bakery Quick Sale shelf, with an additional 30 percent off ( maybe more sometimes)

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It looks like Loblaws reversed their decision to discontinue the 50% off items.


Good. As the person in the article notes, the 50% discount can be very important to people on restricted budgets.

I also hope that grocery stores donate expiring products to shelters or wherever else will take them. Many are perfectly fine for consumption. The main things that I find get really iffy are delicate vegetables (e.g., salad greens), milk, and seafood.