Grocery Outlet Summer 2018 [SF Bay Area]


today at Oakland GO:

99 cents for Sir Kensington Classic Mayonnaise 10 oz with a Best By date of Dec. 7, 2018 so it looks like they are dumping it before it expires. Melanie W. says that it is the closest to homemade with a mustard kick. Bon Appetit reports that associate food editor
Chris Morocco said, “I almost wouldn’t feel bad eating this right out of the jar.”



Free range eggs, $3 something per dozen. Blood orange cold brew 99 cents, that I bought because it is just so Grocery Outlet. Bayshore Blvd.


The eggs look good!


Saturday at Palo Alto GO:











Hah - I think we focus in on similar items. I bought those Aldi chocolate chip ice creams (good), the Chimay Blue bottle (S. Van Ness and Bayshore didn’t have the red or white), cheerios and waffles (great quick weekday breakfast for the kid).


first week of December at the Grocery Outlet in Richmond CA on San Pablo and Macdonald Avenues


Oh nice! I mostly look for snacks and ice creams, etc. since I have to pack the kids’ snacks every day.

We didn’t end up getting Aldi ice cream. I wanted to get one but the kid picked some fruit icecream bar instead…!


Milpitas GO 12/7/18:
Milkadamia Latte Da Barista Blend $1.49 - has anyone try it? I got 2 so will try it soon.
Quaker Oats Quick 1-Min Oatmeal 42oz for $3.29
Hatch Valley 505 Green Chile sauce 16oz for $1.49
Zaini Cioccolato Fondente Extra dark chocolate product of Italy $1.49 or $1.99 not sure - any good?
Schogetten dark chocolate (German chocolate) $1.49 or $1.99 not sure - anyone try it?


I used 2 cartons of the Milkadamia from the Richmond store and found them to be terrific for a coffee creamer and now cycle between flaxseed and coconut milk which I find nuttier and creamier, respectively, than soy milk. I looked for more Milkadamia a few days ago but couldn’t find it and would buy it again.

And that Hatch Valley Chile Sauce is pretty good.


how do you use the Hatch Valley Chile Sauce? Can it be used like salsa?


yeah, just like salsa on fish, avocado, veggies, tofu, for dipping - I liked it, medium heat which I spiced up a bit and much prefer the green sauces over tomato-based sauces. there are recipes online and the ingredients look decent.


Thank you. I tried it out on some avocado and cauliflower. It’s a bit spicy and pretty good. I now wish I bought more.


At the South Van Ness location this morning, Christmas music sung by Rod Stewart foreshadowed a bleak round of grocery outlet roulette.

The Oaxacan string cheese is pretty good, more stringy and salty than mozzarella sticks, but not individually wrapped Which makes it difficult not to devour the whole package

The strawberry fruit macaroons are too sweet to my for my taste, yet their density And dryness lean towards 80s healthy snack.

Pickled carrots are ok, not much nuance or acidity penetrates the carrots.


Today at PA GO:

Anyone tried these before?



Somewhat limited items of interest yesterday at PA: