Grocery Outlet Summer 2018 [SF Bay Area]

Bayshore Blvd SF.
Easterlina Pinot noirs $10 and cabs $15. I’ve always liked their wines but unfortunately they went into bankruptcy so their wines are now a steal at GOs in SF.
Momofuku Ssaam sauce 99 cents. Donkey Sauce for the foodie set

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Grocery Outlet
12010 San Pablo Ave
Richmond CA

end of August, 2018

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From a few days ago at the Palo Alto GO:

TCHO almond + sea salt $1.99
Earth Circle Organic golden berries 8 oz $6.99
Filippo Berio EVOO $4.99
Odwalla mango tango 59 fl oz $3.99
Odwalla superfood $2.99

The TCHO chocolate was gone yesterday.

TCHO chocolate $1.99 at GO on Geary/27th Ave. SF

  • best value is Green&Black’s Dark Chocolate 70% for 99 cents.

Yesterday at PA:

Casa Milo trecce dell’orto 500g $1.99

Casa Milo foglie d’autunno 500g $1.99

Amy Organic split pea soup in can. Forgot the price but it is not more than $2

Bertolli Reserva balsamic vinegar and caramelized onion soup / Asiago cheese, artichoke soups in can $3.99

Pacific organic chicken bone broth 450ml $1.99. Now what’s the difference between bone stock and bone broth?

Safe Catch Elite tuna in can, various flavors. 5oz $1.99

O Organics vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mint chocolate ice cream, quart $2.49

Eden’s Oregon black cherry ice cream. $2.99 quart

Fresh Gourmet crispy hatch chili $1.99 3.5oz

Tyrell’s cheddar chive/ cider vinegar sea salt potato chips $.99 5.3oz

Ferrero Rocher milk chocolate hazelnut $3.99 7.9oz. In golden box. Didn’t see expiration date.

Lindt chocolate truffles $4.99. Assorted.

The new Grocery Outlet in Alameda has been open for a few days now. It’s the most visually appealing store of the 6 or so that I’ve been in. The wine section is not as extensive as SF/Geary, Oakland or Richmond/San Pablo Ave. though the food selections have almost the same varieties. It didn’t yet have some of the 2-for-1 bargains I see at Richmond. A lot of shoppers seemed curious as possibly first-timers. The store had kind of a Trader Joe’s vibe to it with bell-ringing from the cashiers for customers who had garnered large savings on their receipts. A nice store, perky and bright and customer service seemed friendly.

It’s a half block east of the corner of Webster and Buena Vista which is served by at least 3 AC Transit buses that connect to downtown Oakland and beyond. It’s also about 2 blocks from an In-N-Out Burger where I got a Double-Double with cheese, Animal-style ( 2 patties, no bun, wrapped in lettuce) for $4.05 plus tax for the trip home, where I washed it down with an American Thread 2015 Pinot Noir, Monterey County (earthy, peppery, mocha, black cherry, $3.99) from GO.


Yesterday at Palo Alto.

Green and Blacks assorted dark and milk chocolate collection $1.99 120g.

Progressive minestrone, tomato basil, clam chowder and green split pea soups. $1.49

Pacific organic roasted red pepper and tomato soup $1.49 34oz

Pacific organic unsalted chicken bone stock $1.99. 450ml

Pacific organic poultry broth $1.99 32oz

Pacific organic free range low sodium chicken broth $1.99 32oz

Pacific organic kosher free range low sodium chicken broth $1.99 32 oz

Umpqua icecream. $3.99 1.25 qt chocolate peanut butter, caramel cone, strawberry, rocky road

Three twins banana nut confetti $2.5

Odwalla pomegranate limeade quencher $2.29 59oz

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A slideshow (about 5 min.) with items from Grocery Outlet in Richmond CA at San Pablo Ave and MacDonald Ave. Lots of pumpkins and good deals on cheese and sausages.

Some differing opinions on the 93 rating from Wine Enthusiast for the 2013 Malbec Clos d’Argentine seen at the 2:24 mark. Personally I liked the currant, licorice and leather notes but what do I know.

Its interesting that the comments about this bottle are all over the map…


Maybe that’s why local wine reviewer Kerry Kirkham calls it “Grocery Outlet Roulette.”

Today at PA:

Split pea, minestrone and alphabets:

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Yesterday at Palo Alto, in addition to the usual Principe Prosciutto ($4.99/3 oz), I found a new item: Principe Porchetta ($3.99/4oz). This is thin slices of a whole pork loin wrapped in pork belly (how can you go wrong with that combination?). The label says it’s imported from Italy and uncured. I usually avoid buying anything marked “uncured”, since I don’t like to encourage such dishonesty, but my curiosity got the better of me. It turned out to be pretty good.


Grocery Outlet 20% off wine sale begins Wed Oct 31 and runs through Tuesday Nov 6

20% Off Wine Sale!

Wednesday 31 October 2018 Tuesday 6 November 2018 12:00 PM

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I noticed that the SF GOs now have an Esterlina fortified wine. (I guess this is basically a port that they couldn’t continue calling a port for legal reasons?) Anyone tried? Could be a nice pickup for the 20% off sale.

Other interesting pickups lately:

Mediterranean crackers, leek/onion and feta/oregano flavors, product of Greece. 99 cents I think?
I opened the feta/oregano and quite liked it.
Humboldt creamery cookies and cream, $2.49/pint. Nice enough though the pint feels a bit on the light side, like there’s a fair amount of air whipped in there.

Barolo Chinato from Marchesi di Barolo, 500 mL bottle for $7.99. This was at the Geary store with a listed retail price of $55! (After a little checking, it looks to me like it it more typically sells in the US in the range of $40.) Still a great deal if the contents are any good. I haven’t tried chinato before. I am pretty sure this is now sold out at Geary, but perhaps other local GO stores will still have some bottles.

Interesting I have never seen that. I just picked up a couple more bottles of Esterlina’s 2012 Cab ($15) that I really liked, at the Bayshore GO - they are down to their last case. They have some Porterville or Porter Creek I think Port that has ben there for a while. Since they’ve only discounted it 50%it does not appear to be moving.

I also picked up a bunch of Jack Rudy Cocktail brand tonic water, 59 cents for a 8 ounce bottle. I really dig these for gin and tonics and the size is perfect for one cocktail.

From 2 days ago in Palo Alto:

Kenyan macadamia. any idea how Kenyan macadamia compares to Hawaiian’s?

I thought A2 milk is expensive?


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At PA GO today:

One of the better buys for me this year. A pound of smoked wild alaskan king salmon for $9.99. Tastes good with good texture too. I think I may buy a few more.

Jackson’s Honest potato chips, three flavors:

Other stuff:

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Update: I opened the chinato at Thanksgiving and it was a big hit. The stuff was great in Manhattans and a few people enjoyed it by itself on the rocks. I have a feeling there are probably more interesting representatives of the style out there, but for $8 this was a killer deal.


Grocery Outlet in Richmond on San Pablo Ave -


$1.99 - White Castle mini sliders with chorizo, egg and aged gouda. What’s not to like? 4 frozen sliders in a box.

$4.99 - Odesea VQ Cuvee VIII 2012 red, needs some air but then the initial acid aroma mellows to currant, rhubarb and creamy vanilla notes.

California red blend of


Grenache, Mourvedre, Counoise, Cinsault, Shiraz/Syrah, Tempranillo, Petite Sirah, Carignan, Graciano

$2.49 Garlic Lemongrass Vietnamese Simmer Sauce (actually made in Thailand) has some bits of slippery lemongrass.