Grocery Outlet 2019 [Bay Area]


New year, new thread:

Saw some interesting stuff the other day at South Van Ness:

Finlandia chile cheese dip, $1.49 ($1.99 for a version without chile flavor)
Nando’s peri-peri hot sauces (medium, hot, garlic flavors), $1.99
Has anyone tried this “Atelie Spritz” that’s clearly marketing itself as an Aperol knockoff ? (Same ABV as Aperol, 11%.) GO has discounted it to $4 from a claimed retail price of $20. If it’s 90% as good as Aperol that’s a terrific deal, but…I’m scared to try this. Anyone want to take one for the team?


I didn’t get the giant pot since I already own a lobster/crab pot but I was intrigued by the honey - could the original price really be $40 for a lb of honey?
There are a dozen tamales in that sack for $6.99 I think, but they are the size of taquitos. I was starving when I got home so steamed up 6 for lunch. Nice corn flavor and the masa was soft, good for veggie tamales but I’m prefer some meat in there as the cheese texture all blends together with the masa.