Grocery Outlet 2019 [Bay Area]

New year, new thread:

Saw some interesting stuff the other day at South Van Ness:

Finlandia chile cheese dip, $1.49 ($1.99 for a version without chile flavor)
Nando’s peri-peri hot sauces (medium, hot, garlic flavors), $1.99
Has anyone tried this “Atelie Spritz” that’s clearly marketing itself as an Aperol knockoff ? (Same ABV as Aperol, 11%.) GO has discounted it to $4 from a claimed retail price of $20. If it’s 90% as good as Aperol that’s a terrific deal, but…I’m scared to try this. Anyone want to take one for the team?


I didn’t get the giant pot since I already own a lobster/crab pot but I was intrigued by the honey - could the original price really be $40 for a lb of honey?
There are a dozen tamales in that sack for $6.99 I think, but they are the size of taquitos. I was starving when I got home so steamed up 6 for lunch. Nice corn flavor and the masa was soft, good for veggie tamales but I’m prefer some meat in there as the cheese texture all blends together with the masa.


Well its a little expensive for a ‘blend’. Pure Manuka honey is expensive. At least this vendor labels it as blend. TJ got a lawsuit. Its alleged that blend was sold as pure. It was around $14-15 for a half pound bottle when I saw it at TJ last year.

I guess they are trying to keep the tamale vegetarian, though should they add a bit of lard into the masa to make it taste better?

Couple of days ago at the PA store:

Icecreams- Straus and others:

Potato chips- Jackson’s Honest and Kettle:

Other stuff- monkfruit sweetener, raw sprouted sunflower seeds, Kind bars, Odwalla juices:



I guess the honey has some special antibacterial healing properties so is good for putting on wounds if you don’t like the taste.

I dig the Straus banana chocolate chip ice cream. I picked up Alden’s Organic Birthday Cake flavor and it was pretty weird in both taste and texture so I would not recommend.

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This Manuka honey I saw at TJ today says its 100% Manuka. So 500g of which, while not $40, is already $30 at a cheaper place like TJ.

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image South Van Ness grocery outlet finally has gourmet cheeses! They’ve added a little stand. Most interesting thing is a red aged Gouda, unlabeled brand, with wedges at the $10 range


I must note the cherry popcorn in the background.
I can say I’m glad I haven’t seen at our GOs in Southern Oregon.
That’s a crime against nature!

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Saturday at the PA store.

They’ve had these for quite awhile now. The main thing that is new is the separate stand.

Made a few interesting pickups earlier this month:
Obrigado coconut milk beverage, product of Brazil, 1L for $1.49 I think? This is basically a mixture of coconut water and coconut cream, with some coconut flavor and stabilizers added. I found the flavor oddly reminiscent of fake pina coladas I drank in the 1980s, with a little more than I’d like of that sourness sometimes found in packaged coconut water. But it wasn’t bad mixed into a Painkiller-esque cocktail.
J. Ferris M. La Cosecha Manzanilla sherry and Pedro Ximenez, $4-6 per 750mL bottle if I recall? I don’t see Pedro Ximenez very often, let alone in Grocery Outlet, so figured I’d take a flyer on these.


Kerry Kirkham does Grocery Outlet Roulette: 2015 La Follette North Coast Chardonnay. I’m not a wine expert but she’s very good.

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There was one other interesting thing I noticed in the NOSH aisle: Farin’UP brownie and cookie (maybe pancake, can’t remember for certain) mixes, product of Luxembourg. You add milk and butter to the mix before baking. Pretty sizable discount but I don’t remember the exact price.

I didn’t buy because I generally like to bake from scratch, but if people like this product I might rethink!

Grocery Outlet Roulette: 2015 A Proper Pink Rosé by Bonny Doon $3.99

go to Kerry’s youtube channel and give her some ‘likes’ and subscribe. she’s really good.

This weekend at the PA GO:


Bayshore GO. Pickles were $1.50 ice cream was $2.50.


That’s an outrageous price for McClure’s Pickles! I wonder if the company is trying to “establish a beachhead” in a new, to them, consumer territory…

GO buys up job lots, end of runs, overstocks, when products get new designs, they get the old style , and other assorted stuff. I think I bought a jar of those too.
They get a bunch of out of region stuff too, which is always fun because we see food we’d never get to experience otherwise.

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The bulk of what G.O. sells is overstock, discontinued items, experimental flavors that never really made it to mass market and items that are nearing or at their best sell-by date. I didn’t look at the best sell-by date on these but if I had to guess that is the reason they were so cheap.

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