We have really been on a tear with this comfort food.

Enjoy the slow cooked yellow grits with butter salt and pepper and a few eggs into the serving bowl at end and they cook enough in there. After eating most of it I finish the bowl with a spoonful of sugar.

Any tips or suggestions? Nothin fancy is preferred. Shrimp need not apply. I have no issues with quick grits just a bit different flavor also good.


I learned always start in cold water . Not slowly putting into hot water . Then whisking. When making polenta . I use Bob’s Red Mill polenta.


Thanks @emglow.

For this batch I used half milk and water. Whisking good call. Creaminess is preferred.


I cook my grits a long time. Generally I mix about 2/3 yellow and 1/3 white, both stone ground. I use a slow simmer, adding water or chicken stock as needed, and add cream or cheese at the end.

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