Grilling chicken covered with foil pan?

I recall a successful technique for grilling chicken breast over charcoal that involved using a disposable foil pan (I suppose a foil tent would work, too), inverted over the chicken for part of the time. But when I look to find the approach on the internet, I just find chatter about water in foil pans below the cooking items.

Anyone know this technique? I think I probably saw it on America’s Test Kitchen or Cooks Illustrated, where they tend to feature unusual approaches. But I can’t find the recipe written out.

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We often grill chicken with charcoal off heat and tented. Coals on one side, chicken on the other side over a pan of water. And tented with foil, so I think that might be the same?
Usually with large pieces, breasts or half a chicken.
Is that what you were thinking?

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Sounds like it!

Hope that answers your question. If not, I found this. There might be a pay wall.


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I do remember grilling over charcoal using an inverted foil pan. My recollection is that it trapped some smoke without lowering the temperature as much as closing the lid does. I found it a very useful technique for both direct and indirect grilling. (These days I am lazy and grill with gas mostly.)

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