Grilled sunflowers?

Who has tried this? Might be tasty. I just got rid of some wish I’d read this before throwing them out.

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Why not. There are a few sunflowers I’m ready to throw out, I’ll have a look to see they have seeds. Unfortunately 2 minutes ago, I drained the sun dried tomato oil! :laughing:

You can eat them? What is there to eat? Are there kernels, separate from the seeds itself that you can eat or are they essentially the early pods of what will become sunflower seeds?

Seeing the picture of the woman chomping into the whole sunflower head somehow reminds me of this [watermelon boy] :joy:

Looking forward to trying this.
Also thinking… whoever decided to try eating ARTICHOKES!?!?!?

The article said the sunflower must be picked when the seeds have formed but still have soft shells.

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My flowers with seeds dried out, I don’t think it would taste good in this state.

We grow quite a few sunflowers, maybe I’ll give it a try with a nice young one. It’s hard to imagine, but I’m curious. Typically, we leave the mature heads out in various places for the birds and squirrels to eat. I like to watch them, but I’ll need to have kitty in lockdown…

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I feed stale bread to birds and let my kitties peep from a window. My kitties love it!

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I bet they do @kobuta! DD1’s two dogs loved to look out her windows, and went crazy barking at the squirrels. Funny to watch.

Definitely would try it. I eat daylily buds and flowers, so why not sunflowers?


We grow “Teddy Bear” sunflowers, which are dwarf variety, and with compact “pom-pom” like flowers. Picked the “slightly wilting” blooms. Removed petals. Brushed head with oil. Grilled 10-15(?) min. Maybe we didn’t grill long enough? But the texture was…, uh, not pleasant. All stringy. There wasn’t really much to eat, even if it had tasted better. Maybe I need a larger variety of sunflower.

Do these dwarf varieties produce the same type and size of sunflower seeds when they mature? Just curious. I see a few neighbors who have the smaller sunflowers in their yards, but I guess I’ve never noticed one with seeds.

the seeds are small, like the flowers :disappointed_relieved: