Grill 36...coming to a restaurant graveyard near you! (Belford NJ)

I knew the Italian restaurant Cucci Momma’s in Belford on 36 was in trouble when they put up a sign selling breakfast. Within a month or two, they were done.

So, the fourth or fifth place in that spot in the last 10 years has bitten the dust, and now a Mediterranean grill named “Grill 36” will be opening up in what is probably one of the largest restaurant graveyards in the bayshore area. It is neither here nor there. Just a mile or so from the old Wild Scallion. Nothing can survive except for TSTBBQ and they too would be unknown if not attached to the mini golf course.

Not even a fishery (it was once Schooner’s) in this seafood heavy area lasted longer than a year or two, and they are going to aim for Mediterranean? Stuff like this just pisses me off-- kind of like that half Thai half American BBQ joint opening in Airport Plaza sometime soon. Just mind-boggling stuff. Does anyone learn?

I always say I never wish failure on any business because I too would love to have a restaurant, but you really have to wonder at the disillusionment some have in selecting a location.

I give them 8 months. Over/under?


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Is this the one across from the shell gas station (right near the kings arm diner?)

If so, yes that place is doomed. You have to be putting out incredible food to last in that location.

Yes, that’s the spot.

Place is getting great reviews and buzz over town. Looks like you will be proven wrong.

Welcome to the forum. Have you been here, and if so what would you recommend?

How did you find out about this site?


I can read between the lines.




We’ll see. I look forward to trying it one day. This area can use some culture. I never wished failure, just stated the location has been disastrous for a slew of businesses.

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Great reviews on Google so far. 10 5-star ratings from generic accounts all within two weeks. Funny how that happens.



Watching the Patriots, they’re insane, as many times they have crushed my Texans I have nothing but respect for them.


Yep, don’t have to like them but you do have to respect them if you love the game.

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Sounds legit to me!

See this guy was right look at that “buzz”.


seems to same a s the Tomo35 over in Eatotown

Which is now closed! :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

wow…with a top notch spam brigade like they had who would have known? I mean maybe they could have invested in better food or a sign that didn’t look like they bought in at dollar tree? Looked at some pics online and it was hilarious that they didn’t even bother to change the mural of Greece on then back wall…(you should take a peak for yourself as a former patron you’d prob notice more- I’d be surprised if they took down your plaque in memory of your meat eating prowess as well)…place that pays attention to detail like that is def one I wanna try sushi at…I mean all those reviews from people in Kansas, CA, Fl and the like are traveling all the way to Eatontown just to eat Sushi/hibachi and are so moved they immediately sign up for social media to rave about the experience; then since nothing else can possibly match up they abandon all social media to forever chase windmills.fruitlessly hoping to replicate the life altering experience of that one fateful evening along rt 35 next to Lowes…


Gotta admit now you’ve got me wishing I had went! I should have gone to help balance out some of the time I spent on the other side of Lowe’s. :wink:

I’m just amazed that after they declared Apella a “failure” even though they were doing business, they turned it into the complete half assed Tomo. Now they are going with “Mediterranean” AFTER closing Apella? Is the difference between a vast “Greek” menu vs a vast Mediterranean menu really going to be the key for that location?


Mediterranean I’m guessing equals 50% greek, 50% Italian - 100% weak…just a guess…

check out the pics on yelp- you don’t have to sign up to see…it’s literally Greece in the mural and like a cherry blossom somewhere to make it Japan…unreal

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Ah yes, the side parking lot of lowes…always some interesting characters there!


Those are OLIVES!