Green tomatoes advice needed

I’ve had fried green tomatoes once…meh…and have never tasted them otherwise. There are two in my Misfits Market box. Firm, 3" -ish diameter and no papery peel, so not tomatilloes. I’m not inclined to pickle them. Considering fresh salsa, but how sour are they, and are they hard to digest? I could also do an ad hoc ratatouille, because MM also sent bell peppers, onions, and an eggplant too small to have a starring role as an entree. If I slice or chop them raw, and freeze for later use, will they be mush when thawed? TIA

I have recipes for green tomato pasta sauce, soup & salad that I’d be happy to pass along. I won’t fiercely advocate for ANY of them (all pleasant enough, none will inspire any OMG moments), but they are a way to use up whatcha got. Slice, batter, fry is probably the most appealing option.

This was a hit in my house…

Fried Green Tomato Chicken Cheese Burgers


If you only have a couple, I have a decent recipe. Put them on your counter until they have a little blush to them. Then put them in the food processor with some garlic, chili flakes, salt, and evoo. Toss with freshly cooked pasta and serve some parm on top.



Thanks! The box they arrived in had ice packs but I’ll see what happens to them at room temp. As noted in my original post, I do not want to fry them.

Kind but unnecessary offer. I did google nonfry recipes. Mainly, I wanted to know, before I take a knife to them, how sour and/or hard to digest green tomatoes are.

Oops @greygarious I must have missed that. Maybe someone else will like the idea. :wink:

Edit: I don’t know what kind yours are but mine were heirlooms and they were juicy, not hard textured at all.

You fried ripe juicy green tomatoes for your burgers? Didn’t they turn into mush?

In the past, I’ve had no luck ripening entirely green tomatoes on my counter after the garden was closed up end of season. But this year, I’ve had a number of green and hard ones on my counter due to bad pruning (me) or wind, and they’ve all gone pink to red in about a week. I don’t know what changed. Maybe the fact that I put less effort in this time! Murphy’s law.

Nope, you can see from the photo of the tomato it was firm enough, plus the coating was firm & crunchy so there was good texture. We liked ‘em. I was speaking to @greygarious’s question about whether or not they are too hard to digest. I didn’t think so. But without seeing a photo of hers who’s to know? :wink:

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I think your ratatouille idea is fantastic- maybe caramelize your onions a bit to add a touch of sweetness to the dish and counteract the green tomatoes. They’re not usually overly bitter or sour like a tomatillo, just slightly tart


Yep, I concur.

That depends on how they’re prepared. If I’m not going to fry them, I will pickle them, because those are the only two preparations I like (as opposed to “can live with”). But my palate is not everyone’s palate, so…

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I like them diced into rice and in BLTs


And this soup

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What about a green tomato croustade? Just line a pie plate with dough for a one crust pie, follow this recipe for seasonings, then flip the edges of the crust toward the center. The easiest kind of “pie”.

Not as tart as tomatillos. When subbing them in green chili I have to add lime juice.

Ottolenghi has a “tomato party” recipe that calls for using them raw, thinly sliced, in a grain salad with herbs and roasted ripe tomatoes.

Trying to keep an open mind, but the pureed ham kinda gives me the willies!

Diced ham not puree. :blush: