Green Tabasco & Berries

If the garlic seasoning is a discontinued item you might be able to find it at Ollies or Big Lots.

That’s too bad; the Lawry’s bottle pictured is regular, light roasted garlic, no?

“Made with natural spices and herbs, including roasted garlic, oregano and basil.”

I’ve purchased perhaps three roasted garlic seasonings recommended on various boards and none were remotely close.

Ollies or Big Lots

Perhaps someone can but they’re not around me. (I last bought this in 2016. Lawreys told me it was out over two years.

I’ve decided to post a Craigslist ad!

I’ve never done it but I’m assured you can freeze hot sauce. For myself I don’t use just one kind of hot sauce so I wouldn’t want to commit to three months of any one kind. But if that’s what you know you like and are going to use that fast - go for it by all means and enjoy.

As long as they don’t tell you to refrigerate it after opening *, it should be perfectly fine at room temperature for a few months **, but especially with warmer Summer temps on the horizon, you’d probably be best off refrigerating it. I don’t think there’s any need to freeze it unless one were hoping to keep it “fresh” for 6 months or more, and you could probably extend even its room-temperature shelf life by decanting it into a few smaller bottles right away, to minimize oxidation of the part of the half-gallon you won’t get to for the first couple of months…

* I wouldn’t expect it to require refrigeration, but not being a fan of the basic flavor of jalapeños, I’ve never bought the green Tabasco or seen the label up close.

** Afaik or have ever seen, something with as much vinegar as Tabasco sauce, at least regular Tabasco sauce, will stay “safe” forever. But by the time it turns dull brick red, it’s lost any non-spicy “flavor” and in large enough quantity to actually taste the pepper flavor rather than just the heat, it in fact tastes kinda gross, in an “old, oxidized” sorta way…

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I posted on Craigslist and have acquired one bottle? … of Lawry’s Roasted Garlic Salt.

So now I must ask … are there ‘spice alchemists’ who could create the recipe for a substitute?

Yes, there are spice alchemists out there, but they often work for large companies in product development and the formulas are IP under patent protection. Or there are individuals that are making their own proprietary blends.

Think you could have fun experimenting with this, read the back of the label on the bottle you’re getting from Craig’s List. I noticed there is no MSG, but there is some sort of soy which I assume is a flavor booster. You may possibly get close to what you want but by no means exact. Good Luck.

Think I’ve retraced some of your steps on your quest to find this discontinued item. I saw your post on under seasoned advice. You posted about a year ago. There is a formula of sorts all weighed out, with everything listed in order on the back label. Everything except natural flavor and carrot extract. So you may want to try that.

Thank you Lambchop! I’ve forgotten about that!

And! … got one bottle (what is the right word? … a jar?) of the Roasted Garlic Salt (free no less!) so I can compare and contrast.

And I had intended to buy a grinder anyway so now’s the time to try.

If I get it right (or close) you’re welcome to some. (If you’re ok with a stranger mailing you a homemade spice … no problem if that’s not desired.)

Oh my, that is so nice of you to offer! I am interested in your success with this endeavor. I’ve done some copycat blends myself, make my own adobo seasoning now, whereas I used to buy Penzey’s. I like my blend even better. I did adapt a recipe for it from the Internet.

With regards to the roasted garlic, you might be able to roast some, let it dry (preferably in a very low oven or food dehydrator) and then grind. That might be too much work though.

Have fun with your experiments!

Will add that I worked in a company that had a product development department and I am friends with the Director of PD (now retired) I will ask her about flavor enhancers and carrot extract.

The formula says:

salt - ground kosher?; regular table?

sugar - Regular?

modified corn starch - regular corn starch? Brand matter?

roasted garlic - fresh garlic ground and dried?; flakes in a jar?

spices (including oregano and basil); Not going to dry and grind; what’s a good brand?

natural flavor - ???

extractives of carrots - ???

OK Randy, you’ve got to start sometime with your prototype - you’ll probably have to make revisions too. Mark your samples clearly and what you did/didn’t do to that particular sample.

If I was making this formula (&who knows I might!) I would use Diamond Kosher Salt and plain white sugar to start. As for the basil and oregano, I like Penzey’s and the Spice House. I’ve heard dollar stores are great for spices; they have such a fast turnover that everything’s fresh. I know you weren’t pleased with the Penzey’s roasted garlic. That means you’ll have to try some different ones or try making your own.

When using the basil and oregano, be sure to use Greek or Turkish oregano. Tastes profoundly different than Mexican (which I use when cooking Mexican or Latin

I’ll continue to see what I can find out about natural flavoring, carrot extract, and adding to that, modified corn starch.

Yep. And I’ve ordered a spice grinder as well as looked into black garlic for an alternative.
Modifying corn starch seems to be related only to texture and shelf-life.
"I’ve heard dollar stores are great for spices; they have such a fast turnover that everything’s fresh. "
Brilliant…and certainly low cost to try.
I’m in Philadelphia and near a Whole Foods so I should be able to get anything fresh.

Please let me know how your efforts turn out! This has become almost a quest for me it seems. But I love this kind of stuff! Good luck!

Think the carrot extract and natural flavoring are so small in this sized batch, probably can be left out. I’ll still talk to my PD friend tho.

Good luck & dont get discouraged the first couple times.

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I think determining what “natural flavoring” might mean in this or in any recipe would be almost impossible to determine. Basically it just means a flavor you have derived from a natural source - it could be the flavor of ANYTHING.

  1. The term natural flavor or natural flavoring means the essential oil, oleoresin, essence or extractive, protein hydrolysate, distillate, or any product of roasting, heating or enzymolysis, which contains the flavoring constituents derived from a spice, fruit or fruit juice, vegetable or vegetable juice, edible yeast, herb, bark, bud, root, leaf or similar plant material, meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, dairy products, or fermentation products thereof, whose significant function in food is flavoring rather than nutritional. Natural flavors include the natural essence or extractives obtained from plants listed in 182.10, 182.20, 182.40, and 182.50 and part 184 of this chapter, and the substances listed in 172.510 of this chapter.

Modified corn starch is equally vague but I feel more comfortable guessing. The most common food uses I know are as a thickener (it’s in instant gravies and instant cheese sauces, for example) but modified in another way it’s an anti-caking agent, which is what it must be doing in seasoned salt mix. Probably not necessary in small batch recipes.:grinning:

Thank you all for the generous info. Waiting on my Krupps spice grinder and have all ingredients in hand except basil… whole foods for that.

It calls for carrot extract. Should I grind a carrot and lightly bake?
Here’s a jalapeño sauce that’s pretty tasty, but I found it at GO, so I don’t know the real price.
I’ve never been to a Family Dollar so I’m not quite understanding the blurb in the link.
It was either $1.99 or $2.99 individually.

Randy, I would skip the carrot for your first attempt. Same with the natural flavoring. The modified cornstarch is probably used for anti-caking reasons as was mentioned above.

We have just harvested the fresh garlic and oregano we grow. Both are from Greek strains and I don’t ever recall them being this pungent or aromatic. If you want to pm me your address, I’ll be happy to send off a package to you. It may be a little more work getting some pungent basil but I don’t really know. The basil in our area leaves a little to be desired.


Lovely! And if you like I can now send a little Lawry’s Roasted Garlic Salt in gratitude. Then you’ll confirm or deny its value to emulate.


Sounds like a plan!