Greek Lemon Soup

I know the name but can’t spell it and am too lazy to look it up! Aveg…whatever.

Anyhow, you cooks know what I mean.

Question. I had a craving so I’m making some. I don’t have a recipe so I was looking ones up and some called for orzo and some rice. Anybody have a preference of one over the other?? I suppose rice would be gluten free, if that were an issue but it’s not.

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This Saveur recipe sounds quite good. And rice.

I used the Serious eats recipe, which is pretty close to the one you posted less the cornstarch. It is nice!

It’s a dish I’ve never made but, whenever it’s mentioned, I always think that I really want to. Thanks for the reminder.

The weather here is horrible today- raining, the slushy snow and high winds. Soup was a must!

Here at Lake Tahoe we’d love one (or more) big snow storm!

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I’ve never tried making it, but it’s one of my favorite dishes to order at Greek restaurants. I’ve had it with both rice and orzo and much prefer rice because the orzo tends to get a little mushy.

I was thinking that too about the orzo. Waaaay over cooked pasta.

Avgolemono soup is best made with rice. Orzo is more filling.
The Egg-lemon thickener and rice work to make a delicious velvety soup.


The texture of the soup turned out very nice. I think I will try the recipe Catholiver posted as it uses on less lemon than the one I used. I found the soup too acidic. It was still good, just that is my preference.

Definitely rice, and really good homemade stock- i liked it with veg stock that had some fennel in it. And hold back part of the lemon juice, taste and adjust when it’s nearly done- some lemons are just more sour than others

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I love this soup and make it often! I highly recommend using farro instead of rice/orzo in avgolemono, i believe it is the traditional grain to use. I buy Bob’s Red Mill farro. It is absolutely delicious and does not go mushy even as leftovers.

I usually like Saveur recipes but this one is too fussy, mine has 4 ingredients and is quick (except for the soaking). Corn starch? Ick!! Get the technique down and it will be very thick and delicious without cornstarch!

Here’s my recipe for Avgolemono:

The only trick to this coming out great is to WHISK WHISK WHISK! And SOAK the farro. And MEASURE the lemon juice.

¾ cup farro
1 quart low-sodium chicken broth (or homemade)
2 large eggs
⅓ - ½ cup fresh lemon juice (2 to 3 lemons), ½ cup will be very very lemony (how I like it)

Rinse farro well. Soak farro overnight (or at least several hours) in salted water in the fridge.

Drain Farro. Cook in chicken broth until soft, about 10 minutes.

Whisk eggs in a large bowl until light and fluffy. Add lemon juice.

Temper eggs by slowly whisking in a cup or so of hot chicken broth from the pot. Then whisk egg mixture back into the pot of broth/farro. Bring back to a gentle boil while whisking, keep cooking and whisking until it thickens a bit and is no longer frothy. Whisk continually while on the heat!

Season with salt to taste if needed. I also add black pepper & oregano.