Greek Eats, Shrewsbury

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What time were you at Bayroot last night? I was Europa our reservations were at 8pm as we were walking in it sounded like Bayroot was rocking, like a big party was going on. Sadly Europa sucked last night, like honestly I think the chef/head cook must have quit or been sick.


Yeah I was there at 8 and it was railed. Service was super slow. I was debating whether to try bayroot or europa. For 45 bucks I could have had 4 Greek eat platters and a lot more food, but you live and learn. It was decent but I wasn’t too impressed. It said the dish came with a salad. That never showed up and I never said anything. The shish kebab was the best of all 5 meats and had some bold flavor to it. The kafta was pretty weak. They got the grilled vegetables right with some good char but they needed a little s and p which I had to ask for. The side is a dish of rice and we had to ask for a spoon to serve it. Overall I won’t be rushing back but I would like to explore a few apps that looked tasty.

I am still a fan of nikkos. Their bread and olives just go well with a glass of wine. I guess comparing Greek vs leb isnt apples to apples, but to me they are pretty close.


Has anyone been hammering down these 5 dollar gyros?

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