Greek, Balkan and/or Turkish restaurants, bars, coffee shops, groceries and bakeries in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area [Danforth] [Scarborough] [Ossington]

Weekend brunch ended up at mamakas again.
I tried the fish as the main this time (lamb chops aren’t offered as part of prix fixe anymore)a hefty portion and done well.
This prix fix is becoming hard to beat especially one can end up paying this much real quick for not very good options in this area


Mabelle Turkish Bakery at 1110 Wilson Ave looks good.

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How much was the set menu? It isn’t posted on Mamakas’ site today. I know I saw a menu with prices posted for the Mamakas Sunday Lunch when I had brunch at Bar Koukla a few weeks ago.

I am planning to lunch at Mamakas in mid Sept.

45$ and 55$ with drink for 3 courses
It’s on their site as well

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Which Agora are you speaking of?

The Mamakas’ owned Agora on Queen W near Trinity Bellwoods’ Park.

Not to be confused with Cosmo’s Agora in Scarborough.
There would be an outrage in Scarborough if anyone tried to pass off that blended Icey espresso as a a Greek Frappé. I know there are several places to get a proper Frappe in Scarborough. I used to visit a Greek coffee shop on Vic Park 20 years ago.

I have only been east of Main once in the last 4 years, so I haven’t had a chance to visit Cosmo’s Agora. I know it’s a good store. I get that sort of stuff at Serano on Pape.

Agora means market so it gets used a lot by Greeks and Cypriots.

For reference, Cosmos Agora is located at Warden and Lawrence

Nice lunch of melitzanasalata, keftedes, spanakopita, and lamb shanks hula at Mamakas today. Thanks for recommending it, @elvisahmed . This was my first dine-in visit since 2015. Patio Season 2023 [Toronto] [GTA] - #34 by Phoenikia

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