Great time at Jaleo in Chicago!

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Another thanks to @mariacarmen and so many others who seem to like Jaleo!

We knew we were ordering paella, so made every attempt to hold back on the tapas.

First, this teeny, tiny cone with a nice crunch and each smidgen of each each ingredient represented. Eggplant, roasted red pepper, avocado, crisped quinoa. I could have eaten a handful…but I wouldn’t have appreciated it as much.

This was a “crafted” alcohol free drink with citrus and thyme. Very nice; not too sweet, very refreshing, interesting flavors

A very good version of gambas Gambas al Ajillo

But for me, the star of the menu, was the gazpacho. Poured table side over diced cucumber and pepper that gave it a nice crunch! A light, smooth, and apparently bread free version with great balance I attributed to the perfect amount of the perfect vinegar. Better than mine! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

The chorizo on potato puree was just okay. I’m not often a fan of Spanish chorizo texture. The potato puree was a nice texture, not at all gluey, but just didn’t add much.

And finally, the Arroz paella “style”, with head on shrimp, butifarra, and chicken. The rice texture and socarrat were perfect, nice cook and flavor on the proteins, maybe a little too much saffron flavor, delicious aioli type sauce.

At table-side, they moved the proteins aside, stirred the rice a bit, served portions with proteins on top, and left the rest at the table. We just about finished.

It was a great time. Thanks again all!

P.S. I think this is the recipe for the gazpacho.


I’m so glad you liked it! i would go back in a heartbeat. even with so much in Chicago I want to try…

by the way, salmorejo is the dish made with bread, not gazpacho.

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Okay! I understand salmorejo is made with bread, ( I thought a lot of bread; I’ve seen up to 1:1 bread to tomato! One source described it “like a tomato sandwich”! ), but most recipes for gazpacho I find seem to include a bit of bread as well. I’m always happy to see those without it!

Do you find most gazpacho recipes don’t include bread? Or maybe gazpacho with bread is actually Andalusian salmorejo!

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No croquetas? :sob:

Almost, but had to choose…actually cancelled an order of the cod and potato to get the gazpacho! Sorry :expressionless: Not sorry :smile:.

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Most gazpacho recipes I’ve seen for decades (and I have a collection of many, many) include at least some bread. You can always leave it out or reduce the amount. The original gazpacho before tomatoes came from the “New world” was a way to use up bread.

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We’ve been to the Jaleo in Las Vegas and thought it was delightful. Small plates that you can order many of, and share, are such a fun way to eat!

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