Great non-mass produced condiments


There are a lot of companies that sell indian pickles, aka achar/achaar. Amba is specifically mango pickle.

We like the Shan brand mixed pickle and Hyderabadi mixed pickle. We also like the Priya brand pickles, which are south Indian style.

One caveat – Indian pickles contain a good amount of oil. Keep that in mind for shipping purposes – I would probably ship the container inside a sealed plastic bag in case it leaks.

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Shoot me a pm & we’ll swap info.


Got it. Enjoy, and I’ll keep this in mind. I really would enjoy trying some good amba, both for my own purposes and possibly to carry one.


I live in New York. I visited New Mexico back in 2007, enjoyed my visit and loved the food there! Albuquerque, with a day trip to Santa Fe.

Could you link the post about ingredients that cause revelation? I’d really like to read that.


Thanks for the recommendations; much appreciated. And in cases of companies that require a very large minimum order for wholesale, we can keep them in mind for the future.


Acar (Malay spelling) is also the generic word for “pickle” in Malay. I love acar.

#67 seems to sell only the spiced version of Datu Puti coconut vinegar, at $61 for a pack of 6 375-ml bottles:

I think I will see if I can find a reasonably-priced individual bottle somewhere (probably in Queens, though I could always ask at Dual, as they do carry plenty of items from regions other than the Indian Subcontinent).

If you do try any SaSo products, please report back on whether or how much you liked them. Their products don’t look categorically unusual - except for the Strawbanero Pepper Sauce, which is quite interesting - but if they’re fabulous, we’d definitely be interested.


The last tie I saw it back on the shelves was probably Dec at Lotte Plaza. It was 3.99 per bottle. You should be able to find them in single bottle at Filipino store in NY. Walmart had it also, very reasonable sometime in July 2017. They advertised it for either 2.99 or 1.99. One of our guests who loved it ( I gave her a bottle to bring home) was searching at the web but free S/H only if you buy $35.00. I wanted to buy but my son reminds me that we are always throwing stuff away after expiration date. Lat week when I visited Costco, they had anew item on promotion. 3- 32 ounce of cherry ( 50 cherries in each bottle, 10 apples) for 9.99 but there was a $2.50 instant rebate. We bought 3 bottles. My son loves it added to his sparkling water. Found out the sale only last thru Fe.4 4. We found it on Amazon for same price as add o n . So I bought 12 cans of 12 ounce Chipotle and doe sauce and 9 bottles of
cheribundi . It arrives last night. They will expire in a month. Thank goodness, if my son continues to drink it the way he does now , the batch will be consumed in 3 weeks but Costco’s supplies are always fresher bece of fast turnaround. I am not interested in the sweeter strawberry hot sauce. I will try and call around for stores in Queens NY that carries the Datu Puti. All send you follow up email


Sorry about typos, have cataract as well as difficulty with handicapped fingers.
I was directed to this store by another Filipino store in NY.
It is low key restaurant-grocery store It is not a big restaurant but has a variety of carry out food , most of the stores have a few tables to eat in.
it is in Queens, called Sariling Atin , 718 397 1200. Perhaps you can taste it there before buying, it sells at $3.15/bottle. ( sariling atin means OUR OWN) )

I am Chinese born in the Philippines. If you are there, might as well taste some food that yo9u can dip in this vinegar with garlic , soy sauce etc to see if you like it before buying.

Order their fried lumpia called Shanghai Lumpia( you will notice that the filling is unlike spring rolls in the US) I make my own, You can find my blog in Hungry Onions for recipe but I pride the ones I make as I use prime ingredients, while you are there, can try it. However, unlike back home where my family chef , later my mother used to make their own fresh spring roll sheets, I buy them from the Filipino store here. Nowadays, they have the individually separated one for a bit more that is well worth the effort. It used to take me n hour just to separate box of 50 sheets. The individually wax paper separated sheets is a plus bec once you roll the lumpia, you can use the the wax paper for separating the sheets to rewrap so they do not stick to each other when you freeze. I usually make hundreds at a time. Even restaurant owner friends begs me for mine to use personally. The brand I use is the Simex Individually separated Lumpia sheets. Make a day about of it. If they have fresh lechon, that would be good too I typically use this spiced vinegar for my spring rolls, lechon and when cooking adobo with more garlic, plus cider vinegar and soy sauce.

Address: 89-12 Queens Blvd, Elmhurst, NY 11373
Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Phone: (718) 397-1200


Revelations thread


Correct. The difference is that acar is usually made with fresh veggies, whereas most indian pickles are preserved (you add oil and then keep the jar in the sun for a few days then store away, and it last for months). I love Malay acar too – I make it occasionally, when I’m cooking Malaysian food!


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A little late for this topic but here goes
I can not do without Chipotle and Adobo sauce as well as a tin of anchovy in olive oil
Miso, I use for fish ( seared salmon , chilean sea bass), using the same pan that i seared the fish in, add olive oil with ginger, spring onion, garlic, a tablespoon or two of miso ( depending for salt) , soy sauce rice vinegar or sherry, , let the sauce thicken- no more than a few minutes and serve over fish
SPANISH SMOKED PAPRIKA and for paella and cataplana
DATU PUTI PINOY SPICED VINEGAR ( COCONUT VINEGAR) 375 ml - This is one of the best salad dressing. It is so good on grilled vegetables with EVV. I discovered this 2015 in an Asian Store for $1.69. It was so good, even for marinading chicken etc. So, I went back and purchased 10 bottles.Started to give away as gift bec friends who visit swear by them and what is a bottle between friends? Next thing I know, it went up to $2.69 and then up to $3.50 if I can find it. Googling, I found out that it was so successful overseas even in UK that the companies that were exporting it had to go to the supreme court of the Philippines to decide who has the right to export it. By 2016, I no longer can find it but a friend who came for dinner found it in a remote Asian store, 2 hours from the DC Metro region, where there were very few Asian immigrants, bought all their stock for $3.50 per bottle. She let me buy 10 of them. I now have 12of them. Today, my son who is in Europe found it on sale at Walmart for $2.60/bottle, free shipping when you buy $35. I wonder if this matter has been settled in court, but at any rate, I am ordering another 12-15 bottles!! IT IS REALLY GOOD IF YO U LIKE SPICEY VINEGAR or as an ingredient for dips for your Dim Sum. I am having problem, uploading and downloading pictures. Go to WALMART’S WEB SITE. DATU PUTI is the name of the company just like Heinz. They make a lot of vinegar etc but just look for Pinoy ( shortcut for Filipino) Spiced Vinegar in 375 ml made out of coconut vinegar. Y OU WILL NOT REGRET BUYING THIS



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Looks like kalustyans carries two versions, not spiced. Call before going to the actual store sometimes website isn’t the same as stock on hand. Although every time i go to kalustyans i seem to find all sorts of things I didn’t know i needed!


That is a great thread! Interesting that dried mushroom powder is mentioned - we would like to carry powdered black summer truffles, which we tried at the Fancy Food Show. Very earthy.


Those are both cane vinegar, which might taste different from the coconut vinegar ccj likes.

Have you patronized Dual? Their selection is wide, though not as wide as Kalustyan’s, but their prices are generally lower and I think their turnover is faster, so their spices are fresher. I wouldn’t vouch for all of their nuts, though: I like some of them (pecans, almonds, and the cashews are OK), but don’t get the macadamia nuts.


This one is pretty good.


Thanks for the recommendation. Here’s the product page:

I get the feeling that this is a promotional introductory price and then it will go up.

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Sunny Caribee offers a number of spices and sauces. They are off their game since hurricanes Irma and Maria. Consider nay Caribbean product that has lost their distribution chains.