Great little filet, but what is "done right"?

I had a very good meal tonight, excellent gazpacho, well prepared carrots and potatoes, tasy “wild” broccoli and a nice little filet that i thought was medium while i was eating it and that might have been med rare in reality. But i ordered it rare. Are my standards of done’ness off?

If this is rare, should i order it bleu next time? I did not send it back because i do not like wasting a good piece of meat. If it is undercooked i could see sending it back but not the reverse.
Or maybe my idea of what rare is is the problem?
This reminds me of the difficulties of getting spice levels right in a Thai or Lao restaurant, words have different meanings with different people.


That’s definitely medium-rare. Too red in the middle for medium; too cooked on the ouside for rare.


Thank you! It was so dark in there i could not see the red center. I used a flash in the restaurant on that photo for just that reason, kind of gauche but i am glad i did so now.
Going from ordering rare and getting med rare is not great but i thought they had taken it to medium, which would have been worse.
Very good meal regardless. The gazpacho w jalapeno (?) peppers was a great starter! The peppers were spicy but not truly hot so they added zip w little heat.

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I’d send back if it came out well. Everybody’s different; but that’s close to what I expect for medium rare. I can see why you ask. Kind of borderline; but if I ordered medium rare and that came, I’d be dandy with that. Maybe a tad much pink for med; but I’m no pro.


That actually looks medium to me.


It looks to me like medium, but some folk might say medium rare. It definitely is not rare. Filet mignon, because of its thickness and density, especially hard to nail on the cook temperature. Even if you use an instant read it carries over more than a typical ribeye or strip. Hanger is the same way but IMO is much tastier.


I like my steak Medium and that looks MR to me. Since the difference between the two don’t bother me too much, I wouldn’t turn it down.


Just one example of temp charts. This medium rare is about what I would request.


I just had a pan fried ribeye with mushrooms. Came out of the pan at 126 in the center. You inspired me!