Great Gold [San Francisco, Mission]

I went to dinner at Great Gold recently, a red sauce Italian restaurant in the former Foxsister space, run by the same people behind Foxsister, which was a Korean restaurant that had the audacity to charge $8 for banchan. They kept the interior pretty much the same.

I started with the tomato bread with added anchovy ($7 + $1 for the anchovy). This was very good. A big thick hunk of focaccia-like bread topped with tomato sauce, sliced garlic, olive oil, and salty pieces of anchovy.

Next I had the chicken parmesan ($22), which was good. A big dinner plate sized piece of white meat chicken, breaded and fried crispy and topped with mozzarella, tomato sauce, and basil. The tomato sauce was on top of the chicken piece rather than under it which I guess keeps the bottom from getting too soggy. Would have like a tad bit more parm in the chicken parm, but overall was good. The chicken was tender for white meat.

Also had a glass of their house red ($10) which was on tap and was served a little too cold.

I think I like Great Gold (anyone know what the name stands for?) better than its predecessor. There aren’t many red sauce Italian places in the Mission that I know of other than the venerable La Traviata on Mission Street nearby.


can’t wait to try this place.

Since it’s got such good Italian resto heritage, it has to be better than Foxsister. Although I did like some items at Foxsister.

i wonder how many those group meals feed…

will be reviewing it for Mission Local soon. Thanks for posting about it!

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