Great find!! - Super-tasty XO sauce at decent price!

Yearning for some decent priced, yummy XO-Sauce?!..This ’ Made in Taiwan ’ product is sooo darn TASTY!!!😘😋👍

Get it from ’ Freshway, Markham,

Ontario ’ for $8 and NOT from T&T, who tries to rip people off, by selling the same product for $12.99!!! 😡WTF!!

BTW, do try shying away from XO sauce products from China! Most use inferior oil and weird, non-traditional seasoning…resulting in mostly un-appealing products! For the price, not worth a gamble!


The jar looks pretty sizeable as well for $8. That’s a great deal. I haven’t seen this particular one before but will keep an eye out for it now. Where we are we got a lot of crappy XO sauce with preservatives, color, and subpar ingredients. And then the price shoots up when the ingredients become decent.

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The ingredients comprised of dried shrimp, dried scallops, dried little silver anchovies and dried squid!! Soya-bean based ingredients were ’ non-GMO '!! And no preservatives were used!
Size is 240 g

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