Great Customer Service at Oxo

I am genuinely surprised and happy at the customer service I received from Oxo. I have one of their 11 lb scales that I use to measure my coffee every morning. First I weigh the brew basket which weighs in at 232 grams then zero it out and lift up the brew basket - which should weigh -232. The problem was it kept changing - 230-231-232 so I never knew if my 52 g of coffee was correctly measured. I wrote them to simply ask the question to see if there was an easy answer and they are sending me a new scale. Mind you, they did this last year, so I never expected another replacement, but it’s on its way. I think that is amazing customer service and I won’t hesitate to buy their products going forward. I am eyeing their conical burr grinder with integrated scale so I can eliminate the steps I take every morning!


I do well to get two scoops of coffee into the basket without dumping it in the counter. No way could I manage that much brain activity pre-coffee.


Hey, I didn’t say I didn’t! Believe me, I spill the coffee!!

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It does if I want a consistent flavor. I find that if I go even a gram too high it becomes too strong for me - I know, I have my idiosyncrasies!

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And Oxo amazes again! The burr grinder with scale I got 3 years ago was having issues so I contacted them. I got an email back within 3 hours and was told my grinder was out of warranty. I told them I knew that but was just asking what they thought the problem might be - it kept stopping during grind and I could not remove the burr to clean it. They said they could give me a new burr, but since I could not get that out, I bought a new grinder. Meanwhile , I got another email from them saying they were sorry I had a problem with the grinder and to pick out $100 worth of Oxo product that they will send me for free! I feel like a kid in a candy store. I can’t decide what to get. The Oxo people continue to amaze me with their customer service.


Wow! That’s beyond generous of them!

I do love their products.

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And what I asked for only came to $95 so she added another $10 item!

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They give Zappos a run for their money with service.

I once did a focus group on OXO kitchen products and branding.

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Its really amazing!