Great cocktails in SF . Those hidden gems ?

Comfortable place you like to knock a couple back , take a date , other … ? Your favorites ?.

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I’m liking Doc Ricketts at the moment. Lovely little $6 happy hour Manhattan, and others. had a nice Pimm’s Cup there, also nice to see sherries on menus more often these days (especially an Oloroso).

very pleasant place to while away an afternoon, nice and airy, view of the Coppola building/North Beach crowd.

food’s wonderful, too - they do their own charcuterie to go with those cocktails.

on the other end of the spectrum, i love sitting at the bar of Lolinda and ordering their Manhattans (comes with a sidecar) - which are much more assertive than Doc’s, and go very well with their steaks. The Pistolero is another favorite - mezcal, sloe gin, cynar, dry vermouth, grapefruit.

Whether it be the very hefty rib-eye or the entraña, or a plate of mollejas, or maybe just some yuca croquetas, i find it rather a romantic place, sitting at the bar, despite the din and crowds around you.

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I often sink into the piano bar at Harris’ for eagle rare manhattans after work, given that I live several blocks away. We also frequent Hi-Lo Club on Polk and the bar at The Big 4 in The Huntington. Otherwise, the usual suspects for destination cocktails: B&B, Tradition, S.Cove, Comstock, etc.

also AQ (try the savory Mistral and the Diablo), Perennial, bar at Saison, bar at Quince

Benjamin Cooper in the TL