cocktails (SFB/Norcal)

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Ah, okay. I misread.

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Tried Pagan Idol, new tiki bar from Bourbon & Branch/ Rickhouse folks. First drink I requested, Jungle Bird, a classic I had had elsewhere, tasted watered down from the finely crushed ice which they blended into it (I was shocked when I saw them put the drink under the blender for a few seconds). Any savory notes from the blackstrap rum were lost between the excess ice and some unnecessary passion fruit syrup. I then asked them to make a stirred drink with Swedish punsch but no lemon or lime. They gave it a valiant try with some house px/cynar syrup but it came out overly sweet. Neither drink was on their list, so this may have been an unfair test. I would probably stick to one of their listed drinks next time. But I’m not in a rush to go back, as I’m not particularly fond of tiki drinks in general, or drinks that are overpowered by lemon or lime, as too many around here are. No food available, unless you count the plantain chips or toasted marshmallows I saw garnishing some drinks.

Haven’t you had anything you liked from Smuggler’s Cove? I think their (numerous) cocktails are generally pretty great. I could argue that Liholiho has some “tiki drinks”–what I had there was stellar.

I’ll have to do some more sampling then, thanks :wink: . At Liholiho I always ask for kinka unpasteurized sake with salted falernum and orange peel (sometimes with a bit of plymouth gin). Or else some variation on a Red Hook (like nikka coffey whiskey, punt e mes, gran classico)

Drink with Lost Abbey quad, cognac, rye, px, fernet, lemon by William tsui at Bon marche ( sf )

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